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Eric Holder’s Democrat-liberal, defenders lie when they claim that contempt of Congress charges are unprecedented for one in his position–blatantly untrue!  Holder will be the third Attorney General to be charged, if, in fact, he is.  Both parties, Republican and Democrat, go to appalling extremes to defend one of their own and their respective ideologies.

“The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration’s attempted cover-up of its involvement. The scandal eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, the President of the United States, on August 9, 1974, the only resignation of a U.S. President. The scandal also resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of 43 people, including dozens of top Nixon administration officials.

The affair began with the arrest of five men for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate complex on June 17, 1972. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) connected cash found on the burglars to a slush fund used by the Committee for the Re-Election of the President, a fundraising group for the Nixon campaign.[1][2] In July 1973, as evidence mounted against the president’s staff, including testimony provided by former staff members in an investigation conducted by the Senate Watergate Committee, it was revealed that President Nixon had a tape-recording system in his offices and he had recorded many conversations.[3][4] Recordings from these tapes implicated the president, revealing he had attempted to cover up the break-in.[2][5] After a protracted series of bitter court battles, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president had to hand over the tapes to government investigators; he ultimately complied.

Facing near-certain impeachment in the House of Representatives and a strong possibility of a conviction in the Senate, Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9, 1974.[6][7] His successor, Gerald Ford, then issued a pardon to Nixon.”   (Copy and paste the following link)

This scandal involving the Richard I-am-not-a-crook Nixon, Administration was covered extensively by the media, which today, and up to this point, not made mention of the latest Obama scandal, “Fast and Furious.”  Back then it was the Republican party which told the outlandish lies and tried everything to cover it up!  It wasn’t right then, and it’s not right now, so, why is the main stream media virtually ignoring this?  Where is the obvious bias coming from?  I realize that conservatives proclaim that the media is silent on a myriad of issues is because of their left-wing, liberal, and progressive point of view.  I take a different view.  When I consider what the President and his mob of thugs had to do in order to push Obamacare through, it makes a lot of sense that the same tactics were used to silence this modern-day, media.  The healthcare bill was passed but was not understood, nor was it read by those who voted for it.  Nancy Pelosi told us with a smirk on her face, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”  That statement was so unfathomable and un-American that an investigation should have begun immediately.  However, the House had a Democrat majority, and the Senate, and the Constitutional checks and balances went by the wayside.  There was a time, in this country, that news was told without regard for political-party, needs and coverups.  Americans took it for granted that if it happened, it was exposed by the media.  We can no longer believe that.  Government was set up with many checks and balances so that regime takeovers could not happen, like what is playing out today.  The founding fathers knew about human nature and dealt with every aspect of mans’ dark side in our US Constitution.  However, this President has no regard for checks and balances, and the Constitution he swore to uphold.  Now, if Congress doesn’t do as he demands, he circumvents Congress.  I wasn’t alive during the Roosevelt and Wilson eras, so I can’t speak to either of those, but I have witnessed Administrations, as an adult, since the days of JFK.  I can say, without hesitation, that the Obama Administration is the most foul and corrupt I have ever seen ruling this so-called, free country!  World War I was fought so that there would never be another.  WWII followed shortly after, and it seemed to me that we had a war every twenty years, until now, where we are sending men and women soldiers to fight all over the world.  We are never told what the actual reasons are.  We are given one lie after another to justify the deaths of our young men and women.  Impeachment for the entire Administration is in order; but that’s

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