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Response:  Michael Moore is a buffoon!  He makes his mega bucks via capitalistic means and then demonizes that system.  He’s so narrow minded and tunnel-visioned that he actually believes taking away our Second Amendment rights will end maniacal slaughters.  Oh really?!  Are you, Mikey, going to defend us as the homicidal bombers,  Jihadists, and lunatics come to murder us on the job or in any public place?  Left up to you, we all would have to lie down and die because we cannot get a weapon to defend ourselves.  You are a fat cat, and therefore know nothing of what it means to be in the middle or on the bottom, and because of that you don’t know what you’re talking about.  You would have us undefended and unable to protect our homes and families based on a false logic that you ought to be above.  But I guess being wealthy doesn’t automatically assume intelligence.  Your delusions of grandeur are out of control, and you should come down from your mega ego to take a look at this issue up close.  Gun control has NEVER and will NEVER control a murderer.  What it will do is tie the hands of law-abiding citizens so that the killer is more at ease!  Never mind that taking guns out of the hands of citizens is a major step toward a one-party takeover.  This will happen because human beings always seek the lowest, basest level of character when power and wealth is great enough.  Only a handful of people will remain honest.  And by the way, you will not be happy, or as mouthy when the dictator tells you what to work on and what not to work on.   He might even tell you to forget about the social lecturing and dig ditches instead!

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