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Was Barack Obama Once a Muslim and Indonesian Citizen?

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Questions about Barack Obama’s background have been circulating since he first announced his intentions to run for president in 2007.  Even former U.S. President Bill Clinton openly declared his doubt on Obama’s birth and eligibility to run for president until it was reported that the life of his daughter Chelsea was threatened by someone associated with the Obama campaign.

There have been several lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility, but so far, the courts have ruled in favor of the President.  On behalf of over 200 residence of his county, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had his Cold Case Posse investigate the birth certificate presented by the White House as being that of Obama.  The investigation has discovered numerous pieces of evidence that indicate that the birth certificate and Selective Service Registration are both forgeries and constitute fraud.  Unfortunately, Congress appears to be impotent and unwilling to do anything about what could be the greatest case of fraud in the history of the United States and possibly all of history.

There has even been some question about whether or not Barack Hussein Obama was really born in Hawaii as he claims or in Kenya as they claim.  And to be honest, as often as he has lied to the American people about everything else, how can anyone trust him about this, especially when he has worked so hard and spent so much to hide his records.

Now, WND is reporting that they have information that indicates that Barack Hussein Obama was an Indonesian citizen during his youth.  According to the WND story, Wayne Allyn Root received a phone call from a reporter claiming to have documentation proving that Obama at one time was an Indonesian citizen whose religion was listed as Muslim.  When Obama’s mother married her second husband and moved to Indonesia, he adopted Obama, making him a citizen of Indonesia.  Later on when young Obama attended public school, he was listed as a Muslim.

The WND article presents a lot more information, but I honestly feel that this close to the election that nothing will be done until after the elections in November.  Other than the few private lawsuits filed that have challenged Obama’s eligibility, no government official, no one in Congress, and no court is willing to broach the subject.  Whether they have been threatened as Chelsea Clinton was or are just plain scared of crossing the powerful backers behind Obama, no one really knows.  The only thing clear is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence is made available, Obama seems completely untouchable and this is the scariest aspect of it all.

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Of course Obama is a Muslim, but more than that, he is in the mix of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He is also, or has been, a practicing Black Liberation Theology follower, and what that bottom line is is this; ‘if you are white, you need to give me, (a black person) everything you own so that you can truly understand what it means to be me.’  This is not a verbatim phrasing of the philosophy, but it includes hating whites, America, and everything else that’s been touched by white America.  This is the religion the Reverend Jeremiah Wright preaches to his congregation, which included President Obama and his family, for twenty years!  Got it?  Twenty years!  Only after the public threw a fit because it was so offended by Wright’s words, did Obama cut himself off from his lifelong minister and mentor.  Obama’s word, (mentor) not mine.  Radical Islam has the closest ideology to Black Liberation Theology than any other so-called religion on earth.  And both religions believe their god wants the white man gone–one way or another!
Barack Obama: ‘I’m no Usain Bolt’ (

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