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Monday, October 22, 2012

The intransigent sloth of our President is one of God’s little mercies

The right has rightly noticed that our President not only wants plenty of free-time, he absolutely demands it! The Obama family had gone on 16 vacations as of February of this year, and that doesn’t even count all the trips to Camp David. In addition, he’s played 104 rounds of golf!

No president has been more vilified for his love of golf than Obama. And perhaps not surprisingly, no president has done more to keep his game a secret. During the 104 rounds Obama has played as president, photographers have been permitted only five times, according to White House pool reports.

I would argue however, that we should absolutely stop vilifying our President for his vacations and golf outings. It’s high time we encourage him to take all the time off he wants. I realize that all these vacations have cost the nation billions of dollars, but consider how much we’d have paid if he hadn’t taken all that time off. A few billion is a bargain!

Every decision Obama has made in the last four years has cost us plenty. Whether it’s his war on energy, his czars and agencies, hyper-regulation of American businesses, hypocritical race demagoguery and class warfare, unimaginably reckless spending, or his foreign policy—which has outclassed even that of Jimmy Carter in damaging American interests around the world—no President in history has done more to destroy America than Barack Hussein Obama.

When you consider all the foregoing, shouldn’t we be incredibly grateful that our President only works part time? Imagine, if you can, where we would be today if the President was a workaholic and put in sixty or seventy hours a week. He’s already added five and a half trillion to the national debt, just think what he could have done if he’d really tried?

Obama’s lack of character is a blessing in disguise. His campaign until now was an unstoppable juggernaut. It was an overwhelming surge that was as inevitable as the tides. The advantages Obama held were nearly insurmountable. He had an adoring mainstream press, an unpaid army of union workers and members of protected classes. He had Air-Force-One, White House staff, the Bully Pulpit, and let’s not forget all the ringing endorsements from a coterie of Hollywood personalities, Communist Party USA, even from the Ayatollah Khamenei himself:

WASHINGTON — The United States and Iran have agreed in principle for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, according to Obama administration officials, setting the stage for what could be a last-ditch diplomatic effort to avert a military strike on Iran.

Iranian officials have insisted that the talks wait until after the presidential election, a senior administration official said, telling their American counterparts that they want to know with whom they would be negotiating.

All that intrinsic Presidential advantage was completely negated that fateful Wednesday evening in Denver. It was forfeited by a President who really likes his free time, who intransigently demandshis free time:

When President Barack Obama stepped off the stage in Denver last week the 60 million Americans watching the debate against Mitt Romney already knew it had been a disaster for him. But what nobody knew, until now, was that Obama believed he had actually won. In an extraordinary insight into the events leading up to the 90 minute showdown which changed the face of the election, a Democrat close to the Obama campaign today reveals that the President also did not take his debate preparation seriously, ignored the advice of senior aides and ignored one-liners that had been prepared to wound Romney.

During his debate preparation in Henderson, Nevada, Obama broke off to visit a campaign field office. There, he joked with a volunteer about how his advisers were ‘keeping me indoors all the time’ to practice. ‘It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework.’

Obama also decided to take a break to visit the Hoover Dam. “Its spectacular, and I’ve never seen it before,” he told reporters during the visit, which came about because an aide had mentioned the dam was nearby. I said, ‘Well, we’ve got to go check it out’.”

Where are we today after four years of Obama? It’s almost impossible to successfully start a new business in America today. My grandfather could have done it with ease. My father would have faced a tougher road but with perseverance he probably could have done it. Today if I had the money to start a business, I wouldn’t even try. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point they’ve made trying to open a new business an insane catch-22 ordeal.

There are so many regulations with their associated agencies: OSHA, NLRB, EEOC, EPA, ICC, CPSC, FTC, FDA, and SEC to name a few, that it’s almost a virtual certainty that I’d run afoul of one or more of them, and when I did you can bet my already long-established competitors would be on the phone to one of those agencies faster than Michelle Obama can snork down a $300.00 Fancy French dinner. You might say our regulatory agencies enable unassailable monopolistic consortiums having no fear of upstart competitors who lack the required staff of lawyers and lobbyists.

Current federal regulations plus those coming under Obamacare will cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion annually, more than twenty times the $88 billion the administration estimates, according to a new roundup provided to Secrets from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Finally, I want to show you something. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at this picture from the Denver debate. If this picture doesn’t convince you that Obama is America’s most dangerous enemy then eloquence more astounding than I’ll ever aspire to could never budge you one scintilla either. There truly are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Please Mr. President, go put on your golf shoes and play a few rounds. Take the week off. Take two. You deserve it and frankly, we could all use a break.


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