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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

God King fails to stem the rise of the oceans or heal the planet

In 2008 Obama promised hope and change. He promised transparency. He promised that at last there would be racial harmony. The hungry would be fed. The sick would be cared for. The rise of the oceans would begin to slow and the planet would begin to heal. Yesterday he asked for four more years to get that job done, and there are a lot of people who want to let him have another shot.

(Take time to view the Obama video below, and then view the one beneath it.  That one is of Islamic children, in the Middle East,  singing Obama’s praises.  The video is closed captioned, and the words will terrify everyone except for the President’s supporters!  JM)

You may not be a Christian. You may follow some other religion or perhaps no religion at all, but I ask you, is this not disturbing to you? Doesn’t this mindless worship of a mundane human being disturb you? Doesn’t it give you an uneasy feeling? People shouldn’t abase themselves so astonishingly, so cringingly, so worshipful to a man. He’s not a god; he’s not a god-king. I tell you; to me it’s just sickening. [WWMD] America, What Would Moses Do upon seeing a nation of idolaters worshiping this puffed-up megalomaniac?

There is an underlying threat here that shouldn’t just be pooh-poohed away and dismissed out of hand. I don’t say riots will happen or they won’t, but people get touchy about their gods. They get rowdy. They start shouting. They start pushing and shoving and throwing rocks, and before you know it somebody’s setting something on fire.

If Obama loses it means he’s not The One. But he is The One, therefore it is understood that he will win. Do you see the logic inherent in the insanity? If it seems as though Obama didn’t win, then there must be a mistake. Or maybe there’s been cheating. Yes that’s it! There must have been cheating because Obama is The One. Therefore he won. If your mind works a certain way—because your world is a 24/7 aggrievement and resentment echo chamber—then you would certainly carry this just that one logical step further. A nation full of racist white people who hate our President—all together now… because of the color of his skin—would absolutely cheat!

Threats of rioting, chaos and death over the upcoming presidential election are racing across Facebook and Twitter, while the silence is deafening from the government and most of the national mainstream media. Thousands of posts on the social media websites call for harming presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his supporters if President Barack Obama loses the November election., and the Drudge Report are among the online sites reporting the story. The government’s lack of public outrage over the threats shows how it selectively sanctions what people say. It’s also a potential way to use racial violence to justify martial law.

It’s tempting to dismiss this out of hand. Who ever heard of starting a riot because a decision didn’t go your way? This election is not about hope and change. This election is not about fairness. It’s not about racial justice or reparations for slavery or somehow righting the wrongs of the past. It’s not about building roads and bridges and infrastructure. It’s not about whether you’re better off after the past four years or not. It’s not even about stopping Iran from getting nukes. It’s about freedom.

Taxation is an abridgement of your freedom. How free are you today? How many minutes or even hours will you work today to pay for the roads, bridges, infrastructure, and the interest on 16 trillion dollars of debt? Add up your federal state and local taxes. Add in sales tax, excise taxes, and property taxes. You know you pay Social-Security and Medicare taxes, but most people don’t realize that their employer matches that amount. (George Bush lowered the employee rate to 4.2% The employer rate is still 6.2%.) This represents an indirect tax on you, because your employer could afford to pay you a commensurately higher wage if not for that matching amount. Combined you and your employer pay 13.30% of every dollar you make to the IRS for Social Security and Medicare. That’s before a single penny is deducted for federal state and local taxes. How would you like a 13.30% raise? If you’re like the majority of taxpayers you spent half your day working for the state and the next half working to provide for your family. Are you free? Maybe only half free?

When you stand in front of the machine at the airport that sends x-rays through your clothing and renders an explicit nude image of your body on the TSA agent’s video-screen, are you free?

In Wisconsin thousands of public sector union members converged on your state capital, and invaded the capitol building, keeping your duly elected representatives from representing you. Are you free?

Illegal immigrants are over-running the nation. It’s especially bad in Arizona so they tried to curb the invasion by passing a sensible law. Arizona got sued by the Justice Department. Do you still feel free?

Various states wanted to stop the Democrats from letting dead people and illegals vote, so they tried to institute Voter ID laws and guess what? They were sued by the Justice Department! Are you free?

The ATF wanted to take away your right to own certain dangerous-looking kinds of guns. So they cooked up an outrageous scheme and “walked” thousands of assault rifles into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. These guns were to be found at the scenes of murders and traced back to the USA. The ATF conspired to have innocent people murdered in order to strengthen gun-control laws. Omelet and breaking eggs anyone? First they denied doing it. Then they refused to admit who authorized it. We sued the Justice Department…the ineffable irony here defies any words to describe it. We sued the Justice Department and the President said: No, you can’t sue. I claim Executive Privilege.

When people across the country threaten to riot and burn down your city if Obama loses, what they’re saying is you are not free. They own you. When they chant “Obama” in worshipful awe as though he is some kind of god, they’re not free either. They’ve renounced their freedom for the promise of more of your money, more of your working day, working for them. Your half-day of slavery isn’t enough. It’s not enough; they want the whole thing. And if they succeed, if they manage to win the election and keep the god-king on his throne for four more years, they may get what they want. How do those chains feel?

If Obama doesn’t win, thousands of people have threatened to riot, thus causing martial law, thus allowing Obama complete and overwhelming control over every facet of our society. It would be more control than even he’s ever imagined. Can you imagine President Obama the loser of the election, our new god-king ruling over a land under martial law?

It’s impossible right? Something like that can’t happen here. We’re different from the thousands of other places and times where the same thing happened before. This is America the land of the brave and the home of the free…but…are you?

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