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Michelle Malkin (right)

Michelle Malkin (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One in a series of posters attacking Radical R...

One in a series of posters attacking Radical Republicans on the issue of black suffrage, issued during the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1866. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Angry—a racist term?  What kind of word was it before it became a racist term?  Chicago—another racist word?  What was the windy city before it was Chicago?  Constitution—deep-seated bigotry?  Juan Williams, really?  Experienced—“racial code word?”   Everybody knows that the Black experience is different from the White experience, therefore, “experienced” is indeed code for racism.  Food Stamp President—racist implications?  What else do you call a President who encourages welfare by lowering eligibility requirements so that now, one in seven people are on Food Stamps?  The kink in the armor is that the majority of people on food stamps are White.  Golf—“Obama=Tiger Woods=Racism, huh?  Holding down the fort—anti-Native American?  The term “Native American” is anti-Native American!  Kitchen Cabinet—“To talk about being in the kitchen and not talk about an African-American actually being in your cabinet is really not a good metaphor to use with African-Americans,” from the mouth of Mark Thompson, radio talk-show host.  Obamacare—race-baiting?  Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky labeled Romney,  “spineless, disingenuous, supercilious, race-mongering pyromaniac” because it’s a “heavily loaded word”???  Obama likes the word, so where do we go from here?  Privileged—racial bigotry?  Speaking of Obama’s background as “privileged” insinuates that “he took the place of someone else through affirmative action, that someone else being someone white,” so says Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart after Texas GOP Governor Rick Perry said Obama was “privileged.  Really?  Professor—professor=uppity=uppity nigger?  So says Professor Charles Ogletree—wait—I’m confused—is this Ogletree guy a real professor or an uppity nigger?  You people—racist AND elitist?  Ann Romney gave this answer to a herd of reporters, “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how, you know, how we live our life.”  Chair—come on now!?  Some content from previous post.  Include monkeying, black cloud, and mimic because to mimic means to ape another.  Hence, mimic=ape=ape-like=Obama

It never fails—tell an angry individual, that may or may not live in Chicago, that in order to uphold the Constitution, he/she must get experienced, under the food stamp President—and there will be no golf—just hold down the fort, and close that kitchen cabinet before something falls out on your head and you need Obamacare, which is only for the privileged professor and you people know that, so have a chair, and sit down!

To what extent will the Progressive Liberals (PLs) go to keep racism standing and fighting?  At what point do they become embarrassed for themselves?  The hand has been tipped–we clearly see that pushing the racism push thing was to garner sympathy and support for Obama.  Now, just look at the PLs.  They are left without a cause for hate.  It’s time to stop!

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