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RETRACTION by JM (Beck Commercials)


Glenn Beck wrote a book entitled Agenda 21.  In order to further commercialism in support of that book, Beck aired frightening and appalling commercials that appeared to support Agenda 21, the UN treaty, in which all involved countries determine, independently, what said country will do to “sustain” the planet.  The agenda does include the possible necessity of depopulation, forced abortion, and genocide.  Agenda 21 focuses on the people, the citizens of nations and not the elitists and ruling classes.  Those classes rate you and me as expendable.  They, on the other hand, never are–expendable–much like taxes on the upper 2% of the wealthy.  That will not include the Obamas, the Holders, George Soros, or any of this Administration’s cronies.  It never will, and in the end, the middle people will foot the bill, as always, because, when the rich are charged for anything that cuts into their profits, that cost is passed on to the consumer.  We see how Obama will actually tax the middle class in a round about way.  So typically.

Back to the point–it was reprehensible for Beck to air those commercials without qualifying their content, and he should have stated that it all was related to his new book!  Not that it will do any good, but I did email Beck and stated very much the same but in more descriptive terms.  Although I’ve never found Beck to lie about what he reports, I do believe it was dishonest of him to do what he did.  It frightened the elderly and upset thousands.  Also, Beck did not add claims to the commercials, in any way that would have us infer they were actual evidence of upcoming events, as he left that inference to his followers.  Thousands did jump to that conclusion because of Beck’s history of integrity and honesty,and we believed that the commercials were the real thing.

I apologize to my followers and readers for my part in passing the information along, as if it held substance and value.  It was wrong!

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