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Piers Morgan, a British talent show MC? How deliciously humiliating! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


MASTERFUL: Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro TORCHES Piers Morgan and his straw men


 The Right Scoop 


Posted by The Right Scoop on January 10th, 2013 in Politics


This is absolutely a MUST WATCH. Ben Shapiro takes on a very smug Piers Morgan and decimates him. He starts out by pointing out how Morgan bullies his interviewers by standing on the graves of the little children that died in Newtown which quickly draws Morgan’s ire. But it’s absolutely true. Even last night with Larry Pratt Morgan accused him of having no empathy for the children. Of course Morgan’s response to Shapiro is “how dare you!”


Shapiro also tries to get Morgan to agree that banning pistols would be more effective than banning assault rifles since most murders are carried out by semi-automatic pistols. But for some reason Morgan says that’s where he draws the line because he respects the 2nd amendment. He just wants to ban guns like the AR-15 because that’s what is used in these massacres. But then Shapiro points out that the Sandy Hook shooter had 2 pistols on him…and well, it’s like trying to get milk out of a wall to try and get Morgan to understand anything logical.


But I tell you, the whole thing is quite masterful on Shapiro’s part and he continually hammers Morgan at every go even when it came to the conspiracy word ‘tyranny’. I’ll let you watch to see how Shapiro handles that.





To Ben Shapiro, a fallacious label has already usurped our Constitutional Republic, and that label is Democracy.  In turn a Democracy is the very system that can, and will, devolve into an oppressive and tyrannical rule!  STOP allowing others to label the US as a Democracy!  That is truly absurd!  We are a Constitutional Republic!  If you do not know the difference, then find out.  It is imperative if we are to save this nation from falling down completely. 

Shapiro, rightly accused Morgan of standing on the graves of dead children, and Morgan was visibly enraged.  What Shapiro ought to have added was that not only is he standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook, he is spitting on the graves of every single man, woman, and child who fought and died, in the name of freedom, from the first day of our fight against a tyrannical monarchy, and a fight that we carry on today.  How is it Morgan has anything at all to say about our country?  He is merely an ex-mc of a British talent show!  Someone ought to remind him of the humiliation he should feel!

Also, Shapiro paints too broadly the mental health issue and includes too many people with mental health diagnoses.  Most are not dangerous, by far.  Psychosis is the term we all should be using when discussing weapons bans for the mentally ill.  Criminals and psychotics are the two groups that should be considered.  These are the only groups in need of a watchful eye, and even then, not all in these groups are murderers and criminally insane.  We certainly do need a better understanding of mental illness and all of its varying degrees, and we must have it before implementing a knee-jerk weapons ban!  That is, IF this really is about saving lives and not about disarming civilians for nefarious purposes.

When Morgan, and others like him, use words such as, “why” and “need,” our first response should be, “because it is our Constitutional right, you doofus foreigner!”  And furthermore, people like Morgan, who believe they know better than anyone else how to run our lives, are narcissistic bullies who aren’t happy unless they are in control of others.  WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!  When we stop demanding, out loud, our Constitutional rights, we give up and hand over another part of liberty to a Democracy, standing at the ready to take more and more and more, until we are all in chains.  If we can save the intended Constitutional Republic, we will see the end of this oppression.





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