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THE BLAZE by LIZ KLIMAS (MY TWO SENSE: Cowards, they truly are. Murdering innocents is a trademark of Jihadists. They are less than human, and once they discover that 70 virgins are not waiting for them on the other side, then what? I suspect less suicide/homicide bombers and an increase in pedophilia and same-sex activities, to make up for all that lost sex on the other side. JM)


The One-Word Billboard Put up in the Town of 8-Year-Old Victim That Says It All

The local chapter International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) union – Local 103 — in Dorchester, Mass., put up a billboard in honor of the Boston bombing victims, but especially for 8-year-old Martin Richard who was from the town and is the youngest of the three killed in the blast.

“Cowards,” the billboard along I-93 taunted.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Chapter Local 103 Puts Up Cowards Billboard

(Image: Local 103 IBEW via ABC News)

“It was Local 103′s way of shouting out our feelings of anger: Cowards,” business manager Michael Monahan told ABC News.

“No other word or words came to my mind when I heard of the tragic event downtown Boston on Patriot’s Day when a family from our neighborhood was effected so tragically,” Monahan continued.

The billboard was later updated to include other phrases like “Pray for Boston” as well.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Chapter Local 103 Puts Up Cowards Billboard

(Image: Local 103 IBEW via ABC News)

As of Friday morning, officials have reported one of the suspects released in the FBI’s official photos being fatally shot in on MIT’s campus Thursday night. The other suspect remains at large and the area suburbs have been put on lockdown.

According to reports, the man being called “suspect 1″ — or the “black hat suspect” — was killed in Watertown, Massachusetts. An MIT campus police officer was killed as well.


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