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THE BLAZE by EDDIE SCARRY (MY TWO SENSE: FOR CHRIST’S SAKE–STOP IT-STOP IT-STOP IT–THAT lilly-livered, cowardly language change that turns every face into a sucking moosh mouth for the sake of popularity or not offending another. Those who take offense at legitimate language should be re-educated in the area of offensiveness 101. Political correctness has turned this nation upside down and installed a new language that never, ever represents what it is actually relaying. I, a most tolerant individual in the past, have morphed into a raging bull fighting almost everything having to do with this administration and the ruling elite. It’s no longer possible for me to suck it up. JM)


‘Illegal immigrant’ decision from LA Times? ‘Not yet’

As posted earlier, the New York Times is now advising its editorial staff to  “consider alternatives” when describing “illegal immigrants” in its stories. The Los Angeles Times, which has said it is also reconsidering the term, is still in the process of deciding what to do.

“The Los Angeles Times’ Standards and Practices Committee has been studying this issue for several months and has not yet reached a decision on whether to recommend a style along the lines of what AP has announced,” Vice President of Communications Nancy Sullivan told TheBlaze.

She also forwarded along the current policy at the Los Angeles Times in using “illegal immigrant.”

Use this term in referring to citizens of foreign countries who have come to the country with no passport, visa or other document to show that they are entitled to visit, work or live in the United States.

Do not use illegal aliens or illegals except in direct quotes.

The nouns alien and illegal should not appear in headlines.

The term undocumented immigrant is acceptable as a synonym for illegal immigrant under certain conditions, such as when a form of the word illegal already appears in a sentence. Example: Although their parents are not legally eligible for welfare, the children of undocumented immigrants qualify for benefits. Take care in assigning people the status of illegal immigrants. Those arrested by border police are held or deported by the INS if they are suspected of being illegal immigrants. It is wrong to accuse someone of illegal activity if it is untrue. We cannot know without asking, for example, whether particular dayworkers are illegal immigrants or immigrants at all.

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