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VINE OF LIFE by LYN LEAHZ (MY TWO SENSE: Better take notice and carry a big stick! Power mongers are crawling out of the woodwork swinging. No one is safe, and the US is devolving into a Communist oppression state. JM)

Child Abducted by CPS after Parents Seek a Second Medical Opinion

Child Abducted by CPS after Parents Seek a Second Medical Opinion

By Lyn Leahz on April 29, 2013

• Commentary By Gordon King

MUST SEE VIDEO BELOW!!! The government is quickly taking more and more control over our lives. This article is just one incident where the government is overstepping their bounds. How many other people are suffering persecution from their government here in America? Just how far is the government willing to go before the people say enough is enough? Will we wait until it is too late? Until the government has so much power and control over us that we are merely cattle being led to their feeding trough? Where is the justice? Where are the morals and values of a government that supersedes the authority and rights of a parent? When will the government be satisfied with their authority and laws over the people they serve? Please watch the video below. It is a must see!Adan SalazarInfowars.comApril 29, 2013A mother and father are incredibly grief-stricken following the abduction of their five-month-old son by police officers after merely requesting the child receive a second medical opinion.

via Child Abducted by CPS after Parents Seek a Second Medical Opinion.

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60 Minutes STOCK Act Followup Sends Warning Signal to Congress

After being featured Tuesday on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Breitbart News contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer once again found himself the focus of national media in a 60 Minutes Sunday report highlighting his work uncovering congressional insider trading and championing the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act to ban it.

In 2011, 60 Minutes’ veteran reporter Steve Kroft ran an investigative report based on Schweizer’s New York Times bestselling book, Throw Them All Out.

“A year ago he began working on a book about soft corruption in Washington with a team of eight student researchers who reviewed financial disclosure records,” said Kroft in the original 2011 CBS 60 Minutes report. “The results became a jumping off point for our own story, and we have independently verified the material we used.”

Kroft won the Joan Shorenstein Barone Award for excellence in Washington-based journalism for the report. Kroft thanked Schweizer at the awards ceremony and made a rare joint interview appearance with Schweizer on MSNBC.

After the release of Schweizer’s book and the award-winning 60 Minutes segment it sparked—as well as at least 26 articles by Breitbart News published on the subject—President Obama included the issue in his 2012 States of the Union Address. Eventually, Congress passed the bill in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 417-2 in the House and 96-3 in the Senate.

Two weeks ago, however, Congress gutted the bill by killing a key provision that would have put already publicly available financial disclosure records of federal officials in an online format to increase transparency.

Sunday night, Steve Kroft took to the airwaves to hit back.

“Our 2011 report shamed Congress into passing the STOCK Act,” said Kroft. “But earlier this month, Congress quietly repealed parts of the law.”

Kroft’s 60 Minutes Sunday update featuring Peter Schweizer may have telegraphed to members of Congress a warning of sorts: neither he nor Schweizer are finished reporting on or exposing instances of insider trading and self-enrichment by members of Congress or their staffs.


60 Minutes Follows Up On STOCK Act

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WND by JOHN BENNETT (MY TWO SENSE: Mr Holder decides what civil rights are for all; Founding Fathers and Civil Liberties organizations move over, Eric is at the helm! The Attorney General’s job is, or it used to be, to uphold existing laws. It is the job of Congress to create or amend laws. It is the right, as well as the privelage and responsibility to amend our Constitution, when and if it becomes necessary. During this Administration the law of the land of this Constitutional Republic is being flooded with new interpretaions, twisted into something unfamaliar, and hung out to dry in the Progressive hot air. Political Correctness, among other madeup rules of etiquette, are fast shutting down good people who attempt to speak out for the sake of self and others. Our First Amendment, under attack since its creation, has significantly worn away by the continuous pounding by Progressives. Not always known as Progressives, these people have called themselves many different things, according to what society will accept at the time. Before they were Progressives, they were Liberals until that term became overshadowed with a negative inference. Regardless, their agenda never changes and continues to be a fundemental transformation of America into a state of tyranny and oppression. One example [ ] JM)


Holder: Amnesty is a ‘civil right’

Attorney general promises government working to protect illegal aliens

Published: 4 days ago

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in remarks that largely have escaped notice, has claimed that “creating a mechanism for [illegal aliens] to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows… is a matter of civil and human rights.”

Holder also said that the federal government will work hard “to safeguard the rights of language minorities.”

These claims are likely to add fuel to the growing controversy over the Senate amnesty proposal developed by the so-called “Gang of Eight.”

Holder made these remarks in an April 24 speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Awards Gala. MALDEF’s notable activity includes suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio and opposing Arizona’s immigration law.

Holder said, “[I]t is long past time to reform our immigration system in a way that is fair; that guarantees that all are playing by the same rules…”

However, one of the primary criticisms of amnesty is that it does not treat all immigrants according to the same rules. Instead, according to critics, amnesty would reward illegal aliens by allowing them to bypass established procedures required for legal entry.

Holder framed the amnesty proposal in grand terms:

“The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights.”

Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies tells WND, “[T]he idea that people have a right to come and live in the United States is very problematic.”

He points out that, for centuries, sovereign nations have regulated “who may enter their territory.”

Camarota also rejects the “rights” language because amnesty favors non-citizens at the expense of citizens, particularly those who are less affluent.

For instance, three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently wrote to the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, warning her of the harmful impact amnesty would have on the black community.

Amnesty “will likely disproportionately harm lower-skilled African-Americans by making it more difficult for them to obtain employment and depressing their wages when they do obtain employment,” the letter cautioned.

See Holder’s comments:

Peter Kirsanow, an attorney and member of the commission, tells WND that Holder’s remarks represent “a bizarre understanding of – if not an insult to – the history of the civil rights movement in this country.”

Nonetheless, Holder’s speech emphasized his desire to legalize illegal aliens.

Holder complained, “Far too many people are relegated to living in the shadows – without the rights, dignity, and legal protections they deserve.”

Political scientist Peter Skerry writes that given their access to health care, home ownership, and jobs, “the undocumented have not exactly been cowering in the shadows,” and that illegals should “step forward and assume responsibility for their decisions.”

In his speech, the attorney general stated that the federal government will work hard “to safeguard the rights of language minorities.”

“Language minority” is the term used in the Voting Rights Act to officially define “people who are of American Indian, Asian American, Alaskan Native or Spanish heritage.”

The Voting Rights Act “requires jurisdictions with significant language minority populations to provide non-English ballots and oral voting instructions.”

The groups listed were specifically selected for favoritism by the federal government because, in part, “[t]here wasn’t evidence of other groups having difficulty voting.”

Holder advocated for the current amnesty proposal, and appealed to what he described as the immigrant “dream.”

Immigrants are driven by a “hope for a better life and their dream for a brighter future for their children,” he said.

Holder mentioned his own cultural tradition as well, noting, “I’m proud to say I was raised in a home infused with traditions and values that my father and all my grandparents brought with them from the great island of Barbados.”

The attorney general’s comments come at a time of increasing skepticism towards the Senate  amnesty proposal, which is under renewed doubt given the immigration system’s treatment of the Boston terrorists.

Judicial Watch recently reported that older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev could have been deported, given his arrest in 2009 for domestic violence.

Those honored at MALDEF’s award ceremony were Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, and former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

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