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States debating gun control legislation all have one thing in common;Tax Hikes


Every gun control bill that is being considered in the States and in Washington have tax increase language in them. All the while the pols are telling us:”We’re doing this to protect you”


President Barack Obama and members of Congress are calling for more gun control. The sentiment is being repeated in State Legislatures all over the country.


After the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, gun control supporters came out of the woodwork and jumped at the chance to voice their concerns about the ‘culture’ of gun violence in America.


From background checks to limiting how many rounds of ammo a magazine can hold has been suggested. In the frenzy to pass gun control legislation, some states have passed laws that defy logic.


New York passed it’s gun control legislation so fast, it wasn’t noticed until later that the 7 limit round magazine dictated by the new gun law doesn’t even exist.


The background check bill for gun buyers being pushed through the Senate now is supported by Obama, Democrats and gun control supporters as the answer to the so-called ‘culture’ of gun violence.


It doesn’t matter that criminals don’t go to gun shops to buy their firearms. Most weapons used in the commission of a crime are stolen, or bought illegally. Just ask Eric Holder. His Justice Department sold thousands of weapons illegally to criminals, one of which was used in the murder of a Border Patrol agent.


The one thing all the gun control bills in Washington and the states have in common, and which is not reported in the news, is taxes.


Every bill that has been proposed, debated and passed has had tax increases in it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s called a ‘fee’, ‘license’ or ‘donation, it’s still a tax.


That’s what this whole gun control debate boils down to. Taxes. The states are hurting from the lax economy and Washington is no better off.


After the massacre at Sandy Hook, the politicians saw a perfect opportunity to get more tax dollars out of the American people. Tax hikes have been proposed for bullets, guns, registration ‘fees’ and the list just goes on.


So, while you’re sitting there feeling all smug thinking that your congressman or senator really cares about you and the safety of your family, you might want to look up that gun control bill that’s being pushed through the state house. Even if you don’t own a gun,that gun bill might include a tax on you.


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