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Conversation with apparent supporter of military suicides–ignorance or just plain Progressive?

REGARDING POST MAY 3, 2013 ENTITLED, Pentagon Defends Unconstitutional Policy Against Soldiers Sharing Faith

Comment from Sophia Sadek:

You seem to be oblivious to the coercive tactics that have been employed in attempts to proselytize within the military. I suppose that a true believer is taught to ignore the transgressions of fellow travelers.


I am always open to opposite points of view and facts that support the truth. If you will send links which will show that “proselytizing within the military” is happening, I will look into it. However, you are one who presumes to know who and what I’m all about, including your conclusion that I’m a Christian or I wouldn’t be against the Pentagon’s forward motion on Christian-related, court martials. My spiritual views are none of your business, and I won’t explain to you what they are. I will say, however, I’m not a traditionally practicing Christian, and I don’t belong to any traditional denomination.
I practice honesty, integrity, ethics, and love of my family and country, and so, if you will send me links that reflect the “transgressions” you are fuming over, I will take an open-minded look.
Now, what you need to do is give serious thought as to why you’re so angry with me, as well as others who disagree with you. This rage is ubiquitous on the Left, and it confounds the logical mind that Liberals/Progressives preach tolerance, acceptance, and political correctness, yet react with hostility toward everyone that disagrees with them. S’plain that Lucy!

Comment from Sophia Sadek:

It is not anger that you detect, merely disappointment. You might want to check out the case of Dustin Chalker who complained about the “Spiritual Fitness” program in the military. An article on the program can be found here: A commentary on Mr. Chalker’s case can be found here: This program is only one instance of coercion reported to Mikey Weinstein’s organization.

If I were truly intolerant I would not have responded to you in a civil manner. Instead, I would have sent a few guys over to your place to burn a question mark on your lawn.


Veiled, or not, I’ve been threatened by meaner people than you, you coward!  The fact that you use, Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Dustin Chalker, as support for your argument, reflects your ignorance of euphemistic language, as well as your already cemented political mindset–a position from which your kind suckles at the hind teat of Administration lies.  Furthermore, Weinstein and Chalkere are atheists.  Do you really believe that they represent unbiased views of religion?

I don’t care how “tolerant” you like to think you are, you’re no more tolerant than Liberal media and Progressives who continuously demonize and demean those with differing viewpoints.  The intolerance of opposing views are labeled RACISM-RACISM-RACISM, the premise from which all defenses, and attacks, are proclaimed!  I often wonder; if Obama had EVER claimed his white blood, as prominently as did his black blood, would Liberals and Progressives then have been forced to defend their positions with logical and factual evidence?

Obviously you have completely missed, or purposely ignored, terms such as “higher power” and “spirituality” which are used in this military program.  Those terms have meaning, and no matter how often Political Correctness tries to change the definitions to suit their nefarious goals, it does not alter reality.

I’m not going to do the work for you, although if you truly want to be fair, and want to some clarity, I can give you links to self-help, support groups, like AA and NA, that use these terms.  From them, you will learn how and why the terms are used.  Only then will you recognize that “higher power” and “spirituality” are not interchangeable with God and religion, respectively, in the same way that “falsehood” and “lie” are interchangeable.  Within this kind of program, the terms are defined specifically.  They have precise meanings, and intended inferences, and they are designed to diminish, relieve, and/or remove emotional stress, unsettling perceptions, and a troubled state of mind.  The program and terms are designed for those who must endure the atrocities of war but who do not have the defensive mechanisms/skills required to get through such life events without becoming significantly traumatized and emotionally scarred.  The terms fundamentally reflect a paradigm, and are used to help soldiers build healthy mental and emotional defenses against those horrors of war.  It’s all about achieving perspectives and perceptions which can shield the soldier from major/chronic depression and crippling anxieties.

This is far removed from proselytizing–get a dictionary–and these kinds of support programs have proved effective for over seventy years.  They have helped both believers, and non-believers, cope with the resulting issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and myriad other scars left in the wake of horrendous, life events.  The goal to reduce military suicides is a laudable goal, and the push to turn it into something ugly, is as defenseless as Kermit Gosnell, the mass murderer.  Removing this program would indeed maintain the status quo of military suicides.

Those who take benign statements, such as the terms above, and twist them into verbiage they hope will support their base, are among the most despicable of mankind.  First, they are liars, and second, they are gossip mongers who fuel hatred and bigotry.  They are the source of true racism, and intolerance, regardless of how loudly they scream “innocence.”  They disguise themselves behind carefully constructed rhetoric with an evil agenda.  The product of extremism, whether it be that of Islam, Progressives, Collectivists, or any other loathsome belief system, is unAmerican and unacceptable.

People who buy into and believe the rhetoric of those who reshape truth, to manipulate “useful idiots,” are a tremendous burden to Patriots.  They glom onto the ankles of those who actually stand up and speak out against real discrimination and other unconstitutional practices.  Patriots do the hard work to maintain freedom, even though that’s the duty and responsible of everyone who proclaims to be an American citizen.  Standing guard, protecting and fighting for natural rights and liberties, are difficult tasks at best.  That fight requires a lot of courage and bravery, and those Patriots shouldn’t have to stop and defend themselves against your false accusations, Sophia.  You, and yours, gladly receive every benefit that Constitutionalists have fought for since that document’s inception.   And to prove how you benefit from the battles of others, look at your right to say what you want, to believe what you want, and even your right to  pass on lies and shutdown and oppress those with differing viewpoints.  Shame on you!


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