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THE BLAZE by JASON HOWERTON (MY TWO SENSE: Does anyone, anywhere on this planet, believe anything MSNBC says? Even their confessions to lying are lies! Lies are not “mistakes,” they are falsehoods, untruths, and deceit. When MSNBC edited the 911 call to make it sound as though Mr. Zimmerman was a racist thug, that act was an abomination, to which they apologized for that “mistake.” Then the same media outlet aired a photo of Martin’s dead body. After that, the yellow journalism, blog “Gawker,” picked up the ball and ran with, “This, Courtesy of MSNBC, Is Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body. Get Angry.” The author, responsible for publishing that on the “Gawker” has a list of how and why excuses for his decision to do so, but the bottom line is that this “journalist” is one of myriad “reporters” today who exercise no empathy, integrity, honor, or any other characteristic which defines decency. The same holds true for MSNBC’s commentators and policy-makers who did the same as Gawker and HLN, but did it first. Is anyone surprised? I know I’m not, but yesterday I was genuinely surprised as I stood in a checkout line. The woman ahead of me explained to the cash register person, a very young woman about eighteen of twenty-years, old, that she wanted to return an item which had not been rung up during her checkout the day before. She explained, “When I got home and checked my receipt, I saw that I hadn’t been charged for this item,” and then handed it over. The young woman was visibly confused as if she had never before encountered this situation, and she stammered, “And you want to return this?” The look on her face said it all. Honesty and integrity are so rarely seen in today’s world that I, too, had to comment. “We could use you in Congress,” to which she responded, “If you want to put me there, I’ll be glad to go.” I thought about the incident all the way home, and admonished myself for not asking her name and talking with her further. How rare must integrity and honesty be, for one’s first thought, upon encountering them, be a jump to our corrupt government? We are indeed in sad shape, but when one considers how we got here, we have some hope for the future. Thus far people have focused on whether or not this government is lying by design or by mistake—a faulty system fueled by our leaders’ political ideologies in which they actually believe that what they do, the decisions they make, are for the good of the People. Before we can face any of the truth behind our situation, we first have to be willing to accept that these leaders are nefarious, calculating, and Communist. We can no longer look through filters that make us feel better about the state of our Union, but nevertheless cloud our judgment and blind us to the evil in action. The truth is ugly no matter how one paints it, and the facts are as follows: 1. Obama and his gang are either members of the Communist Party, or the Communist Party is the puppet master of the Obama Administration. 2. Contemporary Communists’ agenda is to take down the last bastion of hope and freedom left in this world, the United States of America. In order to take us down, every lie, trick, and manipulation, including so-called news surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death, George Zimmerman’s trial, and the New Black Panther Party’s promise of rioting if Mr. Zimmerman is acquitted, is designed and orchestrated by this Administration, from the top down—the top being the Oval Office. 3. Most everything newsworthy that happens in this country, has either been created or re-vamped by this Administration to the advantage of the agenda’s endgame. 4. The radical racial divide we are experiencing was created, and continues, to spur the agenda. Paradoxically, John Dickinson’s (1732-1808) lyrics to “The Liberty Song,” prophetic in his words of the third verse; “Then join hand in hand Brave Americans all, By uniting we stand, By dividing we fall; . . .” 5. The agenda? THE FUNDEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA- Obama’s 2007 campaign promise—the only one he ever kept! JM)

MSNBC Host Regrets This ‘Awful Mistake’ in Network’s Zimmerman Trial Coverage

MSNBC on Thursday afternoon aired a graphic and disturbing photograph of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s dead body while covering the George Zimmerman murder trial. The image flashed on the screen for about one second.

The shocking image was aired during “News Nation” with Tamron Hall. After being confronted on Twitter, including by some of her “avid” fans, over the “disrespectful” image, Hall claimed it was an “awful mistake.”

“I didn’t see it flash.. an awful mistake,” she tweeted.

MSNBC Airs Graphic Image of Trayvon Martins Dead Body During Trial Coverage

The provocative blog Gawker took notice of MSNBC’s move to air the photo and published it as well. It went with a controversial headline that clearly intends to incite rage about the Zimmerman case.

“This, Courtesy of MSNBC, Is Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body. Get Angry,” the headline reads.

While it certainly is possible that MSNBC inadvertently aired the graphic image of Martin’s corpse, Gawker knowingly posted the photo and placed the responsibility on MSNBC.

“The cable networks rely on a pool feed for trials such as this one, and oftentimes it can be difficult to censor images quickly enough so that viewers at home don’t see every last detail (or hear every curse word),” Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell writes.

MSNBC’s control room quickly cut to a shot of prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda after the photo of Martin’s dead body flashed.

Watch the video below via MSNBC/Mediaite (Warning: Graphic content):

UPDATE:  HLN also apparently aired the photo of Martin’s corpse:

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