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MY TWO SENSE: Gun Control vs. The People by JUST ME


August 22, 2013  11:35

Gun Rights vs. Victim Rights–The gun control debate has been going on since the beginning of time and all over the world.  Those countries in which gun control laws exist and keep guns out of the hands of citizens, are the same countries with oppressive governments.  Oppression can be said to be in the eye of the beholder, or the one being oppressed, however, in this case, gun removal/confiscation from citizens, necessarily requires that government oppress the Constitutional rights of gun owners, American citizens. 

While Americans are protected under the Second Amendment, government is not Constitutionally allowed to “infringe” upon gun ownership.  The word “infringe” means to create laws, or regulations, or otherwise impose restrictions upon the freedom of Americans to own gun(s).  Because we live in a civilized society, although how civilized is not clear, we must have some laws and regulations which offer guidelines and boundaries of such ownership.  Just as in the case of ownership of other personal property, we have commonsense responsibilities  and duties with which to comply so that we may have streets, utilities, and other things we’ve come to view as “necessities” of life.  Remember, that although we may determine those things necessities of life, they are not Constitutional ‘rights,’ they are not laid out within our Constitution, and the average individual must work in order to pay for the use of such things.  Those who can’t, or won’t, are generously given entitlements to those things that others pay for.  (That, in itself, is a form of redistribution of wealth, although that’s another subject!)

Please, bear with me.  The United States Constitution provides Americans with certain ‘natural rights’ which means, by virtue of being a human, by being a natural member of mankind, we are born with certain inalienable rights that are not granted by government but rather are intrinsic to human beings, the stewards of the rest of the living world.  One of the intrinsic rights we human beings have is two-fold; one, the right to defend our life and property without government infringing upon that right, and second, because our freedom is a facet of our personal property, we have a duty to protect it, not only for the present and for ourselves but also for future generations.  A people cannot protect themselves, their property, or the future of freedom without the tools to do so–guns.  No other defense weapon, for private ownership, has ever been invented that does a better job!  Imagine you are at home, you in one room of your home, and your partner in another room.  Someone breaks into your home.  Your loved one and you are separated, you in one room, your loved one in another.   The intruder has a gun held to your loved one’s head and on his knees.  Now, imagine your only defensive weapon is a baseball bat, crowbar, or other some such weapon that you could use, but it is no match for the weapon in the intruder’s hand.  What will you do?  You will wish you had a comparable fighting chance at survival for you and the person you love.  Now, imagine that an Administration, in the distant future, if you like, has designs on turning your beloved freedom into slavery, serfdom, or other indentured servitude.  This has happened before in every past and current dictator-ruled, nation.  First, the guns are always confiscated from the citizenry.  After that, everything is downhill going.  Now, you may be willing to allow such a takeover of your liberties, but there are a multitude of those who will not give up quietly.  And whether, or not, you realize it, those people in the past, who were just as unwilling to accept servitude, are the people to which we owe our  gratitude for the freedom we have today–freedom we are losing quickly today. 

When we allow some to dictate to the rest what rights they may or may not keep, we are oppressing.  The Founders provided a process for which we may make changes to our Constitution if, and when we feel the need.  That is the appropriate way to make this kind of change.  The debate we are having in this country over gun control is not about saving lives, and it is not about safety.  If it were, then as I described above, it would only be a matter of time before all other areas of our lives would be dictated to for the sake of safety.  Even our Founders knew that to exchange freedom for a degree of security is a very, very bad and dangerous thing for a free country. 

Gun control, even minimal infringement, is not, and never has been about safety or saving lives.  It is about controlling the people.  And it comes with a very big caveat!  When people willingly hand over the Constitutional liberty to own guns, they do so with the same consequences for the future—a future in which leaders/rulers with designs on ruling with an iron, dictatorial fist is easily done!  A current Administration without such designs does not secure the future.  It is the people, and the people only, who maintain, or give away their freedom. History shows us, government takeovers always begin with gun confiscation!  Armed revolution is rarely the case, and a successful usurpation of government  happens without the peoples’ notice.  A nudge here–a nudge there–and before the people know it, a free country is under the thumb of a dictator.  Why risk the only last line of resistance a people have against tyranny?  Why risk life and limb and that of loved ones when actual safety can be in one’s own hands if one chooses it?

Our Founders wrote about duty to defend the Constitution they gave us.  They wrote about our duty to place in office those that would not infringe upon any of our natural,  inalienable rights.  They placed upon us, the people, the burden to remain watchful over our natural rights, and over those we choose to represent us.  We lost sight of that job, and when we did, we lost our American history to the extent that we no longer know the difference between a natural right and an entitlement–between a Republic, which the US has always been, and a Democracy–between a negative right and a positive one.  Because we are Americans, born here, or immigrated here and taken on American citizenship, we are assigned to protect that freedom from an oppressive government. 

What will it take to stop any and all violence against life?  Although a very small percentage of gun deaths are by the mentally ill, most of the mass shootings are perpetrated by mentally ill individuals.  America has a dim view of anyone with a mental issues, and sadly, no amount of political correctness has made a dent in our preconceived notions about the “crazy!”  We do not understand the definition of mental illness.  We don’t know that one issue is different from another.  We don’t know that the vast majority, likely in the upper ninety percentile, of those suffering from mental health issues are not more dangerous than anybody else.  And when there is danger to life, it is to that of the sufferer and not another.  We all could be better informed about the myriad facets of mental health, but I don’t see that in my life time.  Again, the mentally ill are not the typical killer, and murder happens due to many, many variables leading up to a specific moment-the moment one chooses to act in such a way that it either injures or kills another human being.  There are as many reasons to kill as there are tools with which to do it.  Thus, the fact that we live and are in this current place on the evolutionary path, are the reasons that some kill, but most do not.  Killing is simply a fact of our life at present.

As Americans, we all must also think about the future consequences of our present actions, for the sake of those in the future.  We must realize that guns DO NOT kill–people kill using guns, cars, blunt objects, sharp objects, poisons, and on and on.  A killer will kill regardless of tool. Criminals will have guns regardless of the law. They always have and they always will.  They do not go through the legal process as do low-abiding citizens.  As for accidental deaths by guns, they are a matter of life’s tragedies, as are accidental deaths by drowning, crashes, falling, overdosing, poison, and on and on.  So, if the real goal is to cut down on death, then we will eventually have to remove everything that could possibly cause death.   You may think this argument ridiculous, but history and science makes it clear to us that, given the opportunity and the means, man will always go toward the darker side of a choice.  That, too, is human nature.  The saying goes, a camel’s nose under the tent, is as good as a camel inside the tent!

Why must we concern ourselves about a remote possibility that a dictator will rule America one day?  Because, as I said above, it’s human nature, and man is insatiable.  Given wealth, he strives for more wealth, and then all wealth.  Given power, he strives for more power, and then all power.  And given control, man ultimately strives for total control!  Easily done when there is no resistance.

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  1. You know what never appears along side claims made by a progressive? Substantiating facts, such as, foundational evidence that now, or in the future, some power-hungry lunatic will not decide that gun confiscation is where it’s at! Whether or not, a patriot can win out against tyranny, is beside the point. Second, how does anyone know that the possibility of government enforced gun removal is a myth? Demeaning and insulting reasonable, law-abiding citizens, in order to shut them down, is a common manipulation used by the Left. Third, how does Wing know her so-called myth was perpetrated by the NRA? Where’s the trail leading to that utterance? Fourth, where is the well- thought out explanation, defending her claim, that comparing a gun to a hammer, as killing tools, is ridiculous? Or that my statement, of said comparison, is just a diversion. Fifth, Wing did not even attempt to identify her notion of the “real problem,” in real terms. No matter how often, “unfettered and unregulated plethora of guns in our society” is used as an argument, it is never true. If it were, then Wing could point to the facts relative to “unfettered” and the “unregulated plethora of guns in our society.” What does she mean by unfettered? Where’s the concrete evidence? What are the unregulated plethora she talks about? What regulations, precisely, would she have that would suit her point of view? I suspect it would have everything to do with subverting our Constitution, and our Second Amendment right to bear arms. And finally six; true American patriots will die fighting to save freedom for future generations when others will not! Is there any allegiance to anything that Wing would giver her life to save? It is not necessary to support any caveat within our Founding Documents, but it is imperative that, until this country changes the US Constitution, in the way which was provided, it stands and must not be shredded via legislation.
    Although I’ve never heard of Dianne Wing, it’s likely that she is what is known as a “repeater.” No, not as in guns, but as in talking points used by the progressives to lead the ignorant around by the nose–also known as “useful idiots” that every single dictator, in the past, as well as the present, has gleefully manipulated into furthering their nefarious cause. We only deal in facts, here, Ms. Wing. Go home, get them, and then come back for a grownup discussion.
    Just Me


    Comment by duckyack | August 23, 2013

  2. Do you honestly think a gun would stop the Government IF they decided they wanted you? Think of the weapons and type of warfare at their disposal today before answering. Now you must realize that the only option is to shoot yourself for you are not match for modern warfare. But rest assured. the government is NOT coming after your guns – that’s a myth perpetrated by the NRA to separate fools from their money (and it’s working quite well). The argument that a hammer (or any other inate object) is just as dangerous as a gun is ridiculous and just another diversion from the real problem – the unfettered and unregulated plethora of guns in our society.


    Comment by Dianne Wing | August 23, 2013

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