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Noted Polling Firm: We Shelved Poll Predicting Recall Loss for Anti-Gun Colorado Senator

Public Policy Polling, a noted and widely-followed polling firm, said Wednesday it made a “rare decision” last week to not release poll data predicating anti-gun Colorado state Senator Angela Giron would lose her recall election.

“We did a poll last weekend in Colorado Senate District 3 and found that voters intended to recall Angela Giron by a 12 point margin, 54/42,” director Tom Jensen wrote on the firm’s blog.

“In a district that Barack Obama won by almost 20 points I figured there was no way that could be right,” Jensen added. “It turns out we should have had more faith in our numbers becaue [sic] she was indeed recalled by 12 points.”

Colorado recall

Democratic state Sen. Angela Giron hugs a crying supporter after giving her concession speech after she lost in a recall vote in Pueblo, Colo. , Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013. Two Colorado state lawmakers who backed gun-control measures in the aftermath of the mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut last year have been ousted in recall elections. (AP)

Colorado voters decided Tuesday evening to recall both Giron and Democratic Senate President John Morse after their support for stricter gun control laws earlier this year.

But that’s not to say the firm doubted all of its polling data. Jensen said PPP “didn’t find the gun control measures that drove the recall election to be that unpopular.”

In short, PPP believes Giron must have lost for a reason other than gun control because Colorado’s new laws aren’t that unpopular.

“Expanded background checks for gun buyers had 68/27 support among voters in the district, reflecting the overwhelming popularity for that we’ve found across the country,” Jensen wrote. “And voters were evenly divided on the law limiting high capacity ammunition magazines to 15 bullets, with 47 percent supporting and 47 percent opposing it.”

He said those numbers don’t square with Giron being recalled by a 12-point margin.

And here’s another interesting bit of information presented by PPP: voters in Giron’s district have a favorable opinion of the National Rifle Association by a 53/33 margin.

Jensen went on to argue that the NRA helped defeat Giron by making it about gun rights as a whole and not about the “pretty unobtrusive” anti-gun laws she helped pass.

The NRA “won the messaging game and turned it into something bigger than it was — even if that wasn’t true — and Giron paid the price,” he said.

A spokesperson for PPP didn’t immediately return TheBlaze’s request for comment.

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  1. Really? “. . . the NRA helped defeat Giron by making it about gun rights as a whole and not about the “pretty unobtrusive” anti-gun laws she helped pass.” What in hell does “pretty unobtrusive” anti-gun laws mean? And why in the hell would a progressive have anything to do with ‘unobtrusive’ laws considering it’s their goal to chain the people and strip us from every single Constitutional right we have? Sour grapes and pity-pot sitting is more like it. Look out, all progressives. We are coming, and we are legion.


    Comment by duckyack | September 11, 2013

  2. The money spent to gun grab was 6-1, and it bought elections and laws. The people of Colorado were refused a debate on the issue and they weren’t allowed to testify at any hearings regarding the laws passages. Grassroots is sick and tired of being pushed around by usurpers and Communists. Woohoo for Colorado-good for the people-and “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!”
    Thanks for stopping by.


    Comment by duckyack | September 11, 2013

  3. “In short, PPP believes Giron must have lost for a reason other than gun control because Colorado’s new laws aren’t that unpopular.”

    Are you kidding? Can they really be in denial that deeply? The NRA defeated Giron? What was the contribution of the anti-gun lobby versus those who support the Second Amendment? The gun-grabbers spent the overwhelming preponderance of money in these elections.

    Perhaos Coloradans are tired of hearing that their rights need to be infringed and their liberties curtailed, even when the gun-grabbers admit freely that such measures would do nothing to prevent another Aurora or Newtown or Columbine.

    PPP? Good Godfrey. I wouldn’t let them predict tomorrow’s sunrise!!!


    Comment by ultimaratioregis | September 11, 2013

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