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National Security Objectives

What Are Those Objectives and Who is “We?”

by Just Me

October 11, 2013

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” –Senator Barack Obama, July 2, 2008

The tactical forces teams, of State and local police departments, have been armed and uniformed identically, and cannot be State-identified according to their uniforms or badges.  These newly combined police officers are now obama’s “civilian national security force.”  They are armed and outfitted military-style, and they will shoot Americans down, where the real military soldiers may not be willing.  Recall the leaked questionnaire given to, and filled out, by military troops and brass, all the way to the top, which asked the question, “If ordered to, will you fire on American citizens?”  Those top brass who answered “no” are being weeded out of their career service via forced retirement, or are being ‘fired’ by the only person with the authority to do so.  That is the White House dictator, barack hussein obama.

During a recent flight, a passenger witnessed, as did many passengers, what is called “dry runs”.  Dry runs aboard airplanes are the exercises Middle Eastern men and women are acting out during a flight.  The presumed goal is to determine how many behaviors will go unnoticed and/or unchallenged by air marshals and passengers so that a “perfect” plan can be devised for another air attack on US soil.  On September 2, 2013, flight 1880 took off from Reagan International Airport en route to Washington, DC, a number of Arab males rummaged through overhead compartments, one ran down the aisle and locked himself inside the bathroom for some time, and they behaved in other threatening ways–not without notice, but without acknowledgement or support from this Administration or the particular airline.  Were it not for the passenger’s report, none of this may have come to light.  Although a pilots organization has reported these incidents during flights, along with witness air marshals, they have been ridiculed and labeled liars.  Without protection and support from the appropriate federal security agencies, terrorist attacks are coming, and it is only a matter of time.  The turn of events that will follow another successful terrorist attack, with a high death count, is inevitable, as well.

Once the impending air attack(s) are implemented, bho will declare a State of Emergency–“Never let a crisis go to waste.”–and Martial Law will become the law of the land, replacing obamacare.  The sad thing is that many Americans will accept that marshal law is the only recourse to secure the country, and they will likely feel grateful to the president for his “protection.”  They will never believe that the Administration knew of and expected this “crisis” for some time, yet he did nothing to stop it.  Furthermore, those same individuals will never accept that their president has, in the past, manufactured several crises in order to manipulate the economy and the people, that he will continue to do so until his agenda is completely implemented, and that he is collaborating with airlines, among others, to debunk airline pilots who report the terrorist dry runs (drs) during flights.

The goal to dismantle Capitalism, America, and liberty has been an active effort for more than 100 years, and every time the United  States government is lead by Progressives, another chunk of America, as we knew her, is gone.  We never, ever regain the loss.  Americans cannot afford to continue sitting back and hoping that others will deal with the situation.  And Americans must act, as of yesterday, to turn this tide that will drown us all.

We live in a time of actual, real-life conspiracies; political, ideological, and financial.  Paranoid is no longer an accurate description for one who is smart enough to figure out the minds and hearts of con artists who, by the way, exist even in high political office.  There are those of us, who’ve lived through, and beyond, Nazi Germany and other Marxist/Communist nations, and who have learned from experiences what evil looks like, and we recognize it in 2013.  We recognize the path evil takes, the manipulations evil implements, and we can identify the perpetrators of evil in the same way.  For those who remain unconvinced by experience, take, for instance, a time before the first Atomic explosion in a US desert.  No one, including the atomic scientists, knew the full consequences of the destructive forces that, when unleashed, would continue to kill, maim, or alter living organisms for generations.  Now, after the experimental bomb detonation, followed by its use on two Japanese cities during WWII, most people recognize atomic power for what it is and can describe it to those too young to have the memory.  Yet, no one, ignorant of this subject thinks to mock those experienced individual’s who can predict the outcome should an identical atomic bomb be detonated.  The point is that, just because a scenario feels, or seems to be unlikely, outrageous, or absurd, does not make it so!

Lackadaisical attitudes and ignorance are the principal characteristics a dictator depends upon to covertly, or overtly, usurp a nation.  The average person simply does not see it coming because the average individual doesn’t want to see an upsetting reality, much less take a stand against it.  Human beings, for the most part, prefer to deny, deny, deny rather than accept the possibility that many conspiracy scenarios are based on fact and not imagination.  Why do most people, when confronted with a dark possibility, demean and ridicule the messenger?  Why is the message so often met with anger rather than simple dismissal if not believed?   If the warning message is put forth from an honest perspective and garnered from an honest investigation, why then, does society publicly impugn, not only the message, but the messenger?  This senseless reaction is the real absurdity, and it is extremely unfortunate.

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