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Here’s How Obama And ObamaCare Is Selling Out The Young Millenials, Get Ready For Pain


Remember back to the last election. All of the young people must have just thought that Obama was so cool. He was someone who made them feel good, or something like that. He promised to keep your rates on student loans low so that you could continue to be indoctrinated by liberal universities. And you feel for all of his false keep your healthcare plan and other b.s. In return, you young people voted for Obama by a margin of 28 percent. Simply amazing.

All of us older conservatives (and possibly even the libertarians among you) tried to warn you. We said that liberalism is nothing more than a scam to take your productivity and give it to us. But not only to us, the ones who are actually working for a living. Your income and production will also go to those lazy, good-for-nothings who would rather sit at home and collect food stamps and welfare rather than going out and finding a job.

But thanks to how you voted—for Obama—we now have ObamaCare and a full line up of liberal rules and regulations that are dragging you down. Congrats for this, by the way, you will be the first generation in the history of our country that does not even live up to what your parents achieved, let alone exceed their efforts. Given the fact that we tried to warn you, I do not feel guilty about what you are about to suffer. I can only hope and pray that you learn something from all of this.

Instead of listening to us, you are now going to have the opportunity to do all sorts of things that you will not want to do. You can now buy over priced insurance that you neither want nor need. In return, this will subsidize my insurance, making it cheaper. You will also have the opportunity to work at menial jobs for a lot longer than you have planned, most likely needing to take two or three at the same time to make ends meet (since ObamaCare is going to force more employers to only hire part-time workers). I hope you didn’t plan on that investment banking or real estate career, since the job market may be permanently destroyed.

When I started out there was hope and opportunity and the promise of a better life. Is that still true for you today? Can you work and get credit and start a business? Not very likely due to the crippling regulations, income redistribution, and massive debt that have come with your election choices. According to the current statistics, most of you still live at home with your parents. Even the new ObamaCare law encourages this, allowing you to remain on mommy and daddy’s insurance until reaching 26.

But, hey, all of this makes it much easier for me. Do you realize that the last time I wanted to hire an office assistant (and this is simply a very basic job) I received over 100 applications? Yes indeed. Not that I really needed someone who was too terribly qualified, just some decent writing and editing skills along with the ability to answer a phone call once in a while and operate a computer. Just as a basic lesson in economics, with 107 applicants, do you think I am likely to pay the ‘winner’ more or less of a salary than I had originally hoped?

So, young people of America…please lean something from this pain that you are about to go through. I hope it really sinks in about how liberalism works in reality. It is not about finding a president you think is cool, it is about re-shaping the laws and rules of how things work. But look on the bright side, I will be happy to pay less for my insurance and look forward to getting those social security checks in a few years…but I doubt there will be anything left for you when the time comes.

What do YOU think? Is this an accurate representation of how liberalism works? Would you like to add anything? Why do you think the young millenials voted so decidedly in favor of Obama? Do you think they have learned their lesson…or do they need to experience more pain?

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