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NOVEMBER 26, 2013

No true American wants a Democracy for our nation.  What we want is our Constitutional Republic.  The word “democracy” is nowhere within our Founding Documents-nor did our Founders intend to create a Democracy.  What they did intend, and did create, was a Constitutional Republic with democratic elections.  There is a major difference in the two forms of government, and they are, indeed, mutually exclusive, regardless of Ilya Somin’s attempts to make the two words interchangeable and their meanings moot.  It is laziness to let people, repeatedly use a word incorrectly and without a full understanding of that word’s actual meaning, just because it has become the popular thing to do.  It is dangerous to mislabel our intended form of government because when we do, we remove the caveats and protections that those words gave us as a People within a Nation.  The Left continuously attempts to reshape our language, and the reason is because language is our only way of communicating–making our intentions and beliefs clear to others is paramount.  We cannot allow benign,everyday language, to take the place of the words used by the Founders.  If they hadn’t placed such importance in the very words they used to shape our Nation, they would have expressed themselves capriciously and vaguely, which would have allowed the people to treat our Constitution as a changeable, sign-of-the-times, document.  They did the opposite with clear and precise language in all of our Founding Documents.  It is important to remember that those courageous men, of the eighteenth century, placed everything they had at risk for the birth of this nation.  They did not do that lightly but with purpose and desire to free a nation from a tyrannical monarchy.  Today, we suffer much of the same oppression that was alive and well prior to the American Revolution.   Everyone can learn the difference between a democratic Republic and a Democracy from a book entitled “The 5000 Year Leap,” first published in 1984!

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November 27, 2013 - Posted by | Home

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