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US FREEDOM ARMY by Lewis Shupe (Copy of email I received)

At the end of each month we issue a month-end report as well as other information from time to time during the month. Below is the June month-end report. This should give you some information on our current activities and future plans. July has been a terrific recruiting month for us and should be the largest recruiting month we have ever achieved. Thank you to all of you for that surge. July 3, 4, 5 were the 4th, 5th and 3rd largest recruiting days we have ever had – the spirit of Independence Day was particularly strong at that time.








“When your children and grandchildren ask you what happened to America make sure you can say ‘I tried my best to stop it’.”


“An excuse is an explanation of failure.”


“Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”




As many of you know, we are spending our first year only recruiting. We will never stop recruiting of course, but we will have other objectives in addition to recruiting after our first year.  This web site was launched on September 17 (Constitution Day), 2013 and we started recruiting about 5 days later.


TX still leads in total recruits with 10.1% of all recruits. Following TX is CA (7.8%) FL (7.5%) NC (4.4%) GA (4.0%) OH (3.2%) NY (3.1%) TN (3.0%).


Based upon state population for states with over two million in population the top eight are:  MS AL (AL had a strong month of June) SC OR TN NV NC AR. States with under two million in population are led by WY, ME, ID, and NH.


This paragraph is not statistically accurate and is an approximation since many of our enlistees do not give us complete information. Demographically our female enlistees are up slightly from last month – about 4 out of every 10. About 40% of all enlistees (including some female) have military experience. We have every military grade from E-1 to E-9, W1 to W4, and O-1 to O-7. We have military with Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts. We have military with all types of training and awards. Of all enlistees about 70% are in the age category 40-60. About 15% are over 60 and about 15% are under 40. We enlisted some additional active duty military in June. A small percentage of our enlistees are active duty military. We have enlisted some younger people again in June and that continues to encourage us. We must strive to educate the young people so that they understand that their futures are being slowly and systematically eroded by the forces deployed to destroy this great nation.


Recruiting in Nov. 2013 exceeded Oct. 2013 by 24%. Recruiting in Dec. 2013 exceeded Nov. 2013 by 43%. Recruiting in Jan. 2014 exceeded Dec. 2013 by 97%. January enlistees reached 95% of all the previous months combined. Jan. 2014 was a huge month. In February, due to various technical problems, we were only able to recruit for 18 of the 28 days. It is therefore unfair to compare February to any other month. Still, in February and despite all the setbacks, we exceeded our recruiting totals for every other previous month except January 2014 – those results were extremely encouraging. March 2014 was our fifth largest recruiting month. April 2014 was our second largest recruiting month, exceeded by only January, 2014. May 2014 was our fourth largest recruiting month. June 2014 was our third largest recruiting month almost reaching April 2014. We are extremely encouraged by the May and June results since often in late May and early June people will not participate due to graduations, vacations and weddings. During the first five full months after September 2013 we had already surpassed our recruiting goal for the entire first year. Thank you to each one of you for your courage and patriotism. We do not give out strength reports but we can tell everyone that our total strength is >1,000 and <10,000.


We are now in all 50 states and 11 other countries. Most of the people enlisted in other countries are Americans living outside the United States. We are like Washington’s Continental Army, however, in the sense that we will welcome help from anyone who is a patriot and wants to see our Constitution restored.


What is the most encouraging are the many people who have enlisted from small towns in America. This is a small town revolution – the people who have not been heard are beginning to speak up. While we have enlistees in many major cities, it is the voices in small town America that ring loudest. The Founder has been in all 50 states and has never heard of many of these cities so we have been looking them up on the Internet – impressive. Find the people in your small town who are fed up and get them enlisted and then form a unit in your town.


Below we have listed one sample town from each of the 50 States in which we have enlistees. Some of these cities have multiple people enlisted. If you have heard of 10 of these towns we will be surprised. If you have been in 10 of these towns we will be doubly surprised. If you can find one person on this planet that has been in all 50 of these towns we will be astounded.


This is just a sample. There is at least one person enlisted in each of these cities:


Note: We changed some of these from last month to see if you are paying attention. 


Kasilof AK               Theodore AL          Beebe AR                   Bapchule AZ

Valley Center CA   Walsenburg CO     Coventry CT              Frankford DE

Pace FL                    Hepzibah GA         Kaneohe HI               Polk City IA

Montpelier ID        Atlanta IL                Gentryville IN           Wamego KS

Petersburg KY        Winnsboro LA        Rehoboth MA          Laytonsville MD

E. Millinocket ME  Bentley MI              Isle MN                     Granby MO

Union MS               Whitehall MT         Bladenboro NC        Larimore ND

Lyons NE                Epsom NH               Wallington NJ          Bayard NM

Zephyr Cove NV    Port Jervis NY         Elida OH                    Hominy OK

Mosier OR              Waymart PA          Wakefield RI             Gray Court SC

Warner SD              Moss TN                 Rusk TX                     Enoch UT

Grottoes VA           Plainfield VT           Yelm WA                 Minocqua WI

Hedgesville WV     Guernsey WY





The United States Freedom Army is concerned about continuous constitutional violations in the five areas listed in the attached flyer. These violations are listed in their relative order of importance and are so long running and egregious they can no longer be condoned. The flyer attached to this report delineates these grievances. You may use it to make copies and pass it out at any meetings, at the VFW Hall, post it on billboards, give it to friends, or whatever you may decide.


NOTE: In September we will be passing out these flyers in Washington, D.C. We need as many people there as possible so we can reach as many people as possible in the three branches of our federal government. We need to know as soon as possible how many people will be at the Muster Point on September 17. If you cannot participate with us in Washington D.C. we will have other things for you to do in your local area on that day. See the section below “Cross Country March on Washington D.C.” for more updated information.


We realize that the information in the note above will disappoint some people but it is the best we can do at this point in time given all the circumstances. We want to do the best we can to achieve distribution of our flyer and make the feelings of everyone regarding the abuse of the United States Constitution known. 








The March has changed. There will no longer be a specified route for the Cross Country March. We will hold the specified route concept in abeyance until next year when it will be reevaluated. For a variety of reasons we are cancelling the specified route for the March and each person will be responsible for getting to the Muster Point in their own way. You may construct your own March, you may fly in to D.C., take your RV or develop any scenario you so desire to reach the Muster Point to meet on September 17, 2014 (Constitution Day).


The Muster Point this year will be the Springfield Mall in Springfield, VA. We will meet from 8:30 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. at the Muster Point. We will then travel from there by METRO to the Capitol. The Springfield Mall is very close to the intersection of I-95 and I-495. The Springfield Mall is bounded on the North by Franconia Road E., on the East by Frontier Road, on the South by Spring Mall Rd., and on the West by Loisdale Road. We will meet on the South section of the mall on Spring Mall Rd. about halfway between Loisdale Road and Frontier Road. From the Southeast corner of the Springfield Mall it is only about ¼ mile to the METRO Franconia-Springfield Station from where we will take the BLUE Line getting off at the METRO L’Enfant  Station and walking four blocks to the meeting point. It is almost impossible to park in D.C. on a weekday and even if you can find a place it will cost you $50 to $60 to park whereas the METRO station parking is $4.75. The total cost to park and ride the METRO will be about $15. The METRO ride to the Capitol takes about 30 minutes. The meeting point will be announced at a later date but tentatively we will be on the lawn between the Capitol and the Washington Monument and directly across from the Air and Space Museum on that side of the lawn.


There are hotels/motels on Loisdale Road near the Northwest portion of the Springfield Mall. They are the Hilton Hotel, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn and the Courtyard Marriott. The Marriott is slightly farther than the others and is near the intersection of Loisdale Road and Franconia Road W. Those of you who fly in to Reagan Airport and do not wish to rent a car may get on the Blue Line at Reagan Airport and go to the Franconia-Springfield Station and walk to one of the hotels/motels mentioned above. The walk is about ½ mile. Reservations suggested.


We are planning on making this an annual event. Be thinking of how we can get some publicity, local news coverage, TV, or whatever. Anyone may participate in this march and they do not have to be enlisted with us. Any ideas for a name for the march are welcome (currently we have Constitutional Freedom March and Liberty March).


We need people to be at the Muster Point so we can go to Washington D.C. and make our complaints clear. Did you read the three quotes at the top of this report? If not, read them again. This is the time. We especially need the people from VA, MD, DE, WV and other surrounding states to come help us on September 17. Bring any like-minded people you know with you – the more people we have the more government areas we can cover. We need to cover the Congress, Supreme Court, the IRS and as many Executive Branch offices as we can. There is no need to go to the White House since it will not do any good.


We need patriots in Washington, D.C. on September 17.


If you absolutely cannot come, we need you to pass out flyers in your local area on September 17. If you cannot pass them out on September 17 pass them out as closely as you possibly can to September 17. The best place to pass them out is at your nearest military installation – we need to remind our military of their oath. If you cannot get to a military installation pass them out at your local federal government offices. The IRS offices or any federal court is good. Find a federal government agency near you and pass them out. As a last resort go to your local Post Office and pass them out. Before you go to any of these federal government entities make sure you do some reconnaissance and find out what the rules are. We want to do all of this in a perfectly legal manner and we want to pass these flyers out all over the nation.


Some of you are disappointed because we are only passing out flyers. This is what we can do at this time. If it helps you to visualize this look at the flyer as your weapon, look at the words on the flyer as your ammunition, and look at the work in D.C. as maneuvers and reconnaissance.


The flyers are extremely important to what we are attempting to accomplish. The first step is to make crystal clear what your complaint consists of in the shortest possible way. Anything over one page is too long and no one will read it. It must be short and to the point. During Operation American Spring they passed out large packets with volumes of information inside. No one will read that much information unless they are being paid to do so. We want a short printed record of our position that cannot be misunderstood.


We will be giving additional instructions in the next two month-end reports.


Let us know as soon as possible if you will be coming to the Muster Point and how many you will be bringing. People do not have to be enlisted to participate.






Lewis Shupe was interviewed by Fred DeRuvo on the Wayne Dupree network WAAR on Wednesday May 28, 2014. The first 35 minutes of this radio show was taken up with this interview. If you are interested in listening to this interview you may use the link below.






The website post this month will be about the Welfare Clause. We covered this in the second post “What did James Madison Say?” but thought we should elaborate on it again in a different manner. It is important that everyone understand how the forces of socialism have “redefined” the Constitution to enable them to circumvent its provisions. This post will give you some more detail on this abusive behavior. It is at present available for your perusal.






We support all efforts by any organization to “resurrect” the United States Constitution. Whenever we hear about any effort to restore the Constitution we will record it here.






We are a group of people who want to see the United States Constitution followed and, by implication, this leviathan federal government dismantled. We intend to follow all laws and proceed peacefully to attempt to achieve this goal. This is the thrust of our effort at this time.


We are not at present a militia but circumstances in the future may alter that situation. What we do or become depends upon what occurs in Washington, D.C. and what occurs in D.C. may alter our goals and approach. Since we cannot see into the future it is not possible to say what may be required as time passes and events unfold.













              JOHN HANCOCK

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