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Twitter users read the Twitter instructions below. We have made a few changes.  We have about 20 email addresses that we are having problems with. If you received this email yours is not one of them. Remember – if you change email addresses you must reenlist under the new email address and inform us of this fact so that we may delete the old email address.  We do not use “Linked In”, “Meetup”, or any other similar vehicle. Even if you ask us to join something we cannot participate at this time. Twitter and Facebook are the only two social media vehicles that we use at present.



We have, in our flyer, objected to certain Constitutional violations. It is important that everyone understand that if the Constitution were being properly followed you would not see socialism, communism, fascism, marxism, progressivism, statism, or any of these “isms” being able to make any progress. The United States Constitution restricts centralized political power, the necessary ingredient for these “isms” to prosper. Whether these “isms” are a reaction from the right or the left they all have one basic requirement and that is centralization of power. As such, they are all only two sides of the same coin. To maintain your freedom and neutralize people who want to control you from the central government it is essential that the proper interpretation of the Constitution be adhered to.  If the Constitution is not “resurrected” you will lose your freedom.



We need to know as soon as possible how many people will be at the Muster Point on September 17. How you get there is immaterial but we need to give an approximate number of people on the Special Events Form sent to the Capitol Police. As soon as you know that you will be attending please let us know and also indicate how many people you will be bringing with you. It is not necessary that someone be enlisted in order for them to participate but it is helpful if people not enlisted are accompanied by someone who is enlisted.

If you are planning to be with us as part of a larger trip to the D.C. area may we suggest you visit George Washington’s home Mount Vernon. It is quite well done and will give you some great insight into colonial America and will also show clearly why George Washington was the greatest American and earned the title “Father of our Country.” It will also be less crowded at that time of the year. Allow a full day to take in the museums and the grounds. To see the entire area there is some walking involved.



We have launched a United States Freedom Army Facebook page. In the future we feel this will be a good recruiting tool for us and will take some of the pressure off our Twitter efforts. You can get on our Facebook page and “Like” us at Invite all your friends to “Like” us and join the U.S. Freedom Army. It may take us some time to get this working well so be patient with us. If we do not respond it doesn’t mean we don’t care, it only means we are not quite sure what we are doing yet.



We need you now more than ever. In August Twitter changed its rules on tweeting and we are no longer able to tweet at the same level as we have in the past. This has adversely affected our recruiting and we need support from our enlistees. This is the most important thing you can do to help this Army at this time.

We cannot respond to queries regarding our Army on Twitter. If someone wants to pose a question to the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY ask them to go to the website and use the “Contact Us” button. We simply do not have the time to respond to replies on Twitter and engage in discussions with people (especially liberals) about any matter on our Tweets. If you wish to do so that is your choice. When people make wild statements about our Army and it is obvious they have not read the website refer them to our website.

The United States Freedom Army wants to thank everyone who is helping us on Twitter. Twitter is the current major source for our enlistments. Sometimes in life you are asked to do things without being able to see the results. We see the results here, however, and our recruiting is doing very well. I wish there were some way we could share it with all of you but for the present we feel we need to keep our strength numbers under wraps. We will share the results with everyone as soon as we feel it is appropriate.

Below are the instructions for helping us recruit on Twitter. If you have less than 100 followers no action is required on your part. Remember, this is optional. We will not think any less of anyone that does not wish to participate. We value all enlistees and appreciate your patriotism.

We especially need any enlistees with more than 20,000 followers who wish to work with us to advise us immediately of your desire to help. We really need your participation if you are in a position to help us. We need our Twitter efforts to start reaching new people out there in cyberspace.

We also need creative people to write new tweets for the United States Freedom Army. If you would like to write tweets for us please advise us. We would like you to write about 1-2 new tweets on average per day. There is no minimum number of followers required to write tweets.

At present, we get 80% to 90% of our enlistees from Twitter. We estimate that our current enlistees have a total number of Twitter followers between 800,000 and 1,200,000. If you would each give us two to four minutes a day of your time we could increase our enlistments.


If you wish to help us recruit on Twitter here is what we need you to do:

 <100 followers – no action

100-500 followers – 1-2 retweets per day

500-5,000 followers 2-6 retweets per day

5,000 – 15,000 followers 6-10 retweets per day

>15,000 followers 10-40 retweets per day

In your search box at the top enter @usfreedomarmyx (the U.S. Freedom Army Auxiliary) and then click on the title when it appears below. You should get a list of the @usfreedomarmyx TWEETS (Sometimes but not always). If you do not get a list of the TWEETS click on the profile – you will get the last two tweets – go to the bottom of the profile and it will say “Got to full profile” – click on “Go to full profile” and you will get the Tweets. Select any tweets you like and retweet them. Retweet ONLY those tweets that have the name of the website (or USFREEDOMARMY.COM) contained within the tweet.  Once you become proficient at this it can be done in just a few minutes. Whenever you go on Twitter you can do this first if you wish and it will be over almost immediately.


In the setup we have described you may reuse a tweet after you have retweeted it once. If you want to reuse a tweet you like do as follows: A tweet you have retweeted will show as green in the retweet box. Click on retweet and it will turn from green to blue – click on retweet again and the retweet box will appear – then retweet.

Note: We retweet the same tweet over and over if we like it – do not be afraid to use the same tweet many times. On occasion Twitter will not allow you to retweet something – just ignore that tweet if this occurs – it is the nature of Twitter – we don’t understand why either.   

Email us at any time if you have any problems or questions. The more enlistees we have the more we will be able to increase pressure on the government to reform.

If everyone pitches in we can assure you the results will be dramatic.


If you wish to write original tweets this is what we need you to do:

Advise us by email that you will be writing tweets and include your twitter name (@xxxxxxxxxx). In order for us to use your tweet it must contain the name of our web site spelled correctly in Twitter format USFREEDOMARMY.COM (or and should include the word Enlist (or join). If you can also include U.S. Freedom Army in the tweet that is good but is not required. Pictures are good – they attract people – especially pictures that are large enough to be visible.  One or two a day on average is fine – you do not have to exceed that limit. Be creative – we have people writing for us that have done a great job being creative.

If you are writing original tweets for us you MUST inform us so that we can get those tweets to the correct timelines. You may inform us by replying to this email or by using the “Contact” button on


Please note: If you wish to communicate on Twitter with other enlistees you may use #usfreedomarmy. Those of you who are not using a web site name on your profile are welcome to use if you wish to do so.

A very special thank you to goes out to @oceanbcake. Without his help and support we would not have achieved the level of enlistments we have today. His efforts to help the U.S. Freedom Army have been exemplary. Please follow him if you are not doing so already.

We cannot thank everyone who is helping us on Twitter but a few people have contributed enormously to our effort and we wanted to thank them for writing tweets and retweeting:

@yankepatriot @proud2b4family @P_A_T_R_I_O_TS @3_patton @KevLeeS @Pookies_8



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