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IS ANYONE SURPRISED BY THIS ATTITUDE??  I’m not, and shame on you if you are!  Petty thugs never change.  They always have a self-image which whines, “I ain’t got no nothin’!  And now dat’s gone!”  What can be expected from a group of spoiled, cry babies who’ve been, for generations, given what is needed to exist, by those who pay taxes, and who have taken (stolen) whatever else they feel entitled to?  A sense of entitlement is most dangerous in the minds of people who have been, for the past ten years, taught that they are victims of a white society and who are taught that by a progressive elite who have no idea what life is like as a minority black, or white, or what the day-to-day life of working class people are.  This progressive elite, the ruling class, is far removed from the average man, woman, and child of the same race, never mind a different race.  The ruling elite, too, go about their business with the same audacity and sense of entitlement over those they rule.  It’s frightening that ruling elite entitlement, and victim entitlement, equally share culpability of what is happening here in Missouri.  A reasonable person has to think that after all of Obama’s and Holder’s dismissive way of “enforcing” the law, relative to opposite races, things are only going to get worse. 

Take a look at some of the Tweets reflecting the mood here.  The comments are provocative and aimed at inciting more violence.  That, I believe is a crime, but who will meet it head on?  St. Louis local police have been jerked around by this administration to the extent that law enforcement’s hands are tied politically–what a shame that is–the last line of defense between the law breaker and the law abiding citizens are left twisting in the wind while thugs run amok until they run out of energy.

I appeal to all those who know, or who are family to these trouble makers, to step up and help get this rage under control.  Trading one’s humanity for personal gain isn’t worth it in the end.


‘Loot … and rob them, not your own’; Twitter users advise black people to loot white neighborhoods

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