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Students Suspended For Holding Airsoft Guns In Photo Taken In Living Room

Two Massachusetts high school sweethearts—Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira—are suspended from school after posing with Airsoft toy guns for a photograph at home before attending a homecoming dance last week.

Pereira and Velez are students at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School. The photo was taken by Velez’s father in their living room and then posted to Facebook.

According to, Pereira said, “We took [the pictures] with the Airsoft guns because that’s our hobby, and we wanted to include them.” But school officials argue that the photo caused “a disruption at the school.”

School district superintendent Dr. Richard Gross said he didn’t have a problem with the Airsoft guns, and he understands free speech. However, he “takes issue with the caption below the photo that reads ‘Homecoming 2014.'” He added: “When you tie that to a school event, that’s something to be concerned about.”

Velez defended the couple’s photograph on CBS Boston, explaining that the guns are toys that shoot plastic pellets. Yet Dr. Gross said the entire homecoming dance would have been canceled had police discovered the photo prior to the start of the event.

The suspension may last as long as 10 days, although the superintendent says there will be a hearing to consider reducing the punishment.

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After I take photos of family or other functions, I always title it with descriptive words so that years later, when I feel nostalgic, and look at pictures of times gone by, I’ll know when and where the shots were taken.  I don’t see the difference here.  Gross claimed that had the police known about the photo, they would have shut down the dance altogether.  I tend to believe that as Massachusetts is a state in which Islamic terrorists live and torment Americans whenever their paths cross.  That state is like a third-world country, surrounded on all sides, by states of the United States of America.  Massachusetts’ state legislative body leans so far Left it lies on its side, and it continues to rotate.  Here’s a thought, I wonder if Dr. Richard Gross is a racist!?  Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . .


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Video: Machine Switches Votes from Republican to Democrat in IL

Video has emerged from Illinois of a “calibration error” that causes voting machines to switch votes from Republican to Democrat. The video, posted on YouTube, purportedly shows voting machines in the public library in Moline, IL registering votes as Democrat when the Republican is clearly the intended choice.

Several voters in Rock Island County have already claimed publicly about similar problems with local voting machines in early voting. One local voter, Christina Kirk, told local NBC News affiliate KWQC 6 last week: “When I went to cast my vote and touch the screen for my Republican candidate, the Democrat candidate was the one that would pop up with my x, even though I pressed the Republican candidate.”

The YouTube footage is the first visual report of the alleged problem with the voting machines. The error appears to occur when the voter’s finger is slightly off center in the Republican box, which appears below the Democrat box. It is apparently still possible to vote for the Republican candidate, and it is possible for a vigilant voter to correct the mistake and vote again, but a voter in a hurry might easily register a mistaken vote for the Democrat by mistake and fail to notice. The problem seems to recur throughout the ticket of races. (No test involving a voter trying to choose the Democratic candidate and selecting the Republican instead is shown.)

Former Rep. Bobby Schilling, who is running for his former seat in a district redrawn by Democrats after 2010, has held a press conference to tell reporters he that has heard many similar complaints throughout the county. The complaints mirror those of voters in Cook County, on the other side of the state, where GOP state representative candidate Jim Moynihan tried to vote for himself and the machine cast his vote for his opponent.

The Cook County Clerk’s office told non-profit monitor Illinois Watchdog that the voting machine experienced a “calibration error” that “improperly assigned” Moynihan’s vote. A similar calibration error seems to be at issue in Rock Island County. Schilling claimed last week to have received “17 calls of people saying the exact same thing.”

Senior Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollak edits Breitbart California and is the author of the new ebook, Wacko Birds: The Fall (and Rise) of the Tea Party, available for Amazon Kindle.

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Dear Xxxxxx,

We’re engaged in an urgent fight to change the course of our nation. But there’s something you can do — right now — to help us win.

I believe we’re going to retake the United States Senate, we are going to retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and that we will bring back jobs, growth, opportunity, and prosperity to America. But we can’t do it without your help.

Your vote in the November general election is critical. Will you commit to vote — whether it is early or on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th — so we can take back the U.S. Senate and retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader?


Across the country, many races are neck and neck. A handful of votes — perhaps even your vote — may mean the difference between another do-nothing Senate controlled by Harry Reid or the Republicans taking the Senate and promoting an agenda that will help create a better economy, more liberty, and stronger national security.

Will you commit to vote today?

For Liberty,

Ted Cruz

P.S. It could all come down to you, Judith. Will you commit to vote in the November general election to retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader and take back the U.S. Senate today?

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BLACKS TOO STUPID TO PROCURE VOTER ID-BLACKS LESS EVOLVED THAN OTHER RACES: It’s the same old argument from closeted racists (I’m weary of the term)! Can you imagine what explosions would occur if a Conservative had said such a thing? Of course, you can. The fact is; now listen up black folk and other lower forms of life, if the Democrats did not firmly believe that the ruling elite are superior to black, and other minorities, and more intelligent than everyone else they would not continue to push for minority dependence upon big government. That dependence solves two problems: One-it creates a firm voting bloc for the Democrats because it creates real dependence upon the government for food and shelter (and cell phones), and Two-it allows the Democrats to wave those dependents, like flags reading, “WE CARE & REPUBLICANS DON’T! 

Obama’s Executive Orders reflect a dangerous dictator at the helm of our sinking ship.  His EO’s include illegal immigrants serving in the United States military, while returning American citizen-soldiers are being “pink-slipped.”  Furthermore, more than 11 million illegals are getting “processed” for visas and work permits, in the dark and without notice to the American people.   The People of the United States are jeopardizing everything we hold dear simply by doing nothing.   The illegal immigrant army is the civilian army Obama envisioned when he talked about the US needing more that just the military and the local police.  It is not difficult to imagine why a Totalitarian despot needs a secret police . . I mean a Gestapo, uh . . .uh. . . a CIVILIAN ARMY!  Personally, I never thought I’d live to see this day, but it is here! 

As a country, with independent states, we must stand up and push our respective local governments to protect our states from federal overreaches.  Obama’s federal government will not to hear the People, and in some cases, such as Missouri, local governments are deaf, as well, in some districts.  Corrupt Senators, Representatives, and Governors, throughout the country, plague and suppress the People.  How did we get here, and how do we get the hell out of here? 



Justice Department Expert Witness: Blacks ‘Less Sophisticated Voters’

An expert witness paid with tax dollars by the United States Department of Justice testified that North Carolina election laws impact black voters disproportionately and that blacks are less sophisticated. 

Charles Stewart, a political scientist was retained by the Justice Department to testify against voter identification laws and other election integrity measures.  His testimony argued that ending same day voter registration and requiring voters to vote in the precinct where they live constitutes racial discrimination.

When asked if terminating the ability to register to vote on the day that someone casts a ballot impacts blacks disproportionately, Stewart testified in court that it did. Stewart:

It’s also the case that — well, yes, so it would, empirically more likely affect African Americans. Also, understanding within political science, that people who register to vote the closer and closer one gets to Election Day tend to be less sophisticated voters, tend to be less educated voters, tend to be voters who are less attuned to public affairs. That also tells me from the literature of political science that there are likely to be people who will end up not registering and not voting. People who correspond to those factors tend to be African Americans, and, therefore, that’s another vehicle through which African Americans would be disproportionately affected by this law.

Blacks tend to be less sophisticated, less educated, and lower information voters, according to a taxpayer-funded Justice Department expert.  Experts for the Voting Section of the United States routinely make tens of thousands of dollars for this sort of expert testimony, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When asked if ending the ability to register to vote at the same time one casts a ballot would harm blacks more, Stewart testified:

As I said before, this is particularly a mechanism and a time that’s well situated for less sophisticated voters, and, therefore, it’s less likely to imagine that these voters would — can figure out or would avail themselves of other forms of registering and voting.


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