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TEA PARTY NEWS NETWORK by MATTHEW BURKE (MY TWO SENSE: Not only is Joe Biden a dimwit, he is a liar, competing with Obama for first place, and a hypocrite. What’s worse is that Biden, Obama, and the gang don’t care one iota what Americans know or think. It’s like an Abbot and Costello bit; “We know they lie–they know that we know they lie–we know that they know that we know that they lie–and they know that we know that they know that we know that they lie, and they don’t care. So much for ten-fingered, Joe, and his lying-ass promises. JM)

Breaking: Joe Biden Calls for Impeachment if President Takes ‘Nation to War Without Congressional Approval’

Posted 08.29.13 by Matthew Burke, TPNN News Editor


JOE BIDEN:  Ladies and Gentlemen, I drafted an outline of what I think the Constitutional limits have on the war clause. I went to five leading scholars, constitutional scholars, and they drafted a treatise for me that’s being distributed to every senator. And I want to make it clear, and I made it clear to the president, that if he takes this nation to war…without congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him. And that’s a fact!


GOTCHA! Both the above video, and Biden’s quote are 100% accurate, with the exception of replacing the word “Iran” with “…,” which would be replaced with “Syria,” if Biden had a conscience.  The year was 2007, and Buffoon Biden was playing hardball with then Republican President George Bush over the invented belief that Bush would use the military to attack Iran without congressional approval, which is required by the U.S. Constitution. Biden was right!

Well, that was then, and this is now, and the U.S. Constitution doesn’t mean the same thing that it formerly did prior to the christening of dear leader. The War Powers Act has been redefined, and Biden’s been completely silent on the issue, as far as I can tell. Marxist globalist Obama seeks his approval from the corrupt, America-hating UN, while giving Congress, the Constitution, and the American people the middle finger.


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KUHNER: The betrayal of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6

How they were ‘outed’ to assist Obama’s re-election campaign

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Obama Hosts Illegal Aliens in Oval Office – After Refusing Meeting with Immigration Agents

Obama’s White House door is always open to illegal aliens.
American schoolchildren and ICE agents? Not so much.

Barack Obama continues to show his utter contempt for the rule of law, law enforcement officials, and American citizens.

Obama and his V.P. Joe Biden on Tuesday met with three illegal aliens in the Oval Office who have been granted his controversial “deferred action legal status”  – which is being challenged in court by ICE agents.

Remember that back in March, using the phony “sequestration” excuse, Obama canceled all White House tours for American schoolchildren and others, generating widespread outrage. Apparently the only young people welcome in the White House are those who came here illegally.

Meanwhile, Obama still refuses to meet with any border security enforcement officers about any aspect of so-called ”immigration reform”.

“From Justino Mora, Angie Kim and Mehdi Mahraoui, to Diana Colin and Kevin Lee,” a White House blog entry reads, “all of the stories they shared were full of hope and optimism that one day their family members and their broader communities could realize the dream of becoming citizens of a country that has provided them with the opportunity to work hard and to succeed.”

All three of these illegal aliens apparently received “deferred action” legal status. Obama, in July 2012, said people younger than 30 brought to the U.S. before they turned 16 could apply for “deferred action”. They will be granted work permits and Social Security numbers. As SWA detailed at the time, Obama’s amnesty order is ripe for abuse, as it has almost no safeguards against fraud.

Virtually every illegal alien who has applied for deferred action, 99 percent, has been granted legal status.

The union of law enforcement officers charged with protecting our nation’s borders, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, has been highly critical of the program because it makes their jobs almost impossible to perform. But Obama has refused to meet with them on that issue, or the immigration bill currently in the Senate.

This, despite his multiple meetings with the National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) and other radical groups, to shape the ‘Gang of 8′ bill.

On Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., co-signed a letter to Obama asking him to meet with the ICE officers.

“To be effective any immigration reform bill must heed the warnings from our federal immigration agents,” the letter reads. “Unfortunately, far from being included in the process, ICE officers have been shut out and have even had their day-to-day operations handcuffed by DHS officials to the point of being unable to carry out their sworn duties. These brave whistleblowers have been left with no other option but to file a lawsuit in federal court to fight the abuse of power from DHS leadership.”

ICE union president Chris Crane and his 7,200 immigration agents are suing Obama and Napolitano to end this DACA travesty, and they are having unexpected success towards that aim.

Crane’s lawsuit, Crane v. Napolitano, received a big boost two weeks ago when Federal Judge Judge Reed O’Connor told DHS that they had no power to refuse to deport illegal aliens, and that he was likely to strike down Obama’s virtual “DACA” amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The judge is expected to give his final ruling in the next week or two, which the Obama Administration will no doubt appeal.

We stand with Crane and his agents and their lawsuit, and salute Sen. Sessions and Chairman Goodlatte for standing with law enforcement and against illegal immigration.


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FREE REPUBLIC by GEORGEWASHINGTONGHOST BOMBSHELL: Was the downing of SEAL Team 6’s CH-47 helicopter an inside job?

BOMBSHELL: Was the downing of SEAL Team 6’s CH-47 helicopter an inside job?

Posted on Fri May 10 14:33:21 2013 by GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

Fox News’ Megan Kelly interviewed the parents of SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn who perished in the tragic crash of a CH-47 helicopter on August 06 2011 in Afghanistan. During this interview the Vaughs stated that this crash was a direct result of traitorous rules of engagement ordered by the Obama administration that have consistently proven deadly to our troops (It should be noted here that “Over Twice as Many U.S. Soldiers Have Died in Afghanistan Under Obama In 3 1/2 Years Than Did Under Bush in 8 Years..”)

Although the exact number of SEALs killed has been misstated in the media, it is known that 17 SEALs died in this crash. The other 8 American dead include soldiers/special operators and airmen (See Below). There were also 7 Afghan troops aboard the helicopter.

Why was a commercial grade, vintage 1960’s helicopter used for this mission? Why wasn’t the more heavily armored military grade version, MH-47 used? Why were so many SEALs placed aboard one helicopter, rather than two? Were these SEALs deliberately sent into an ambush for the purpose of silencing them? Was this an ‘inside job’ by Afghans in retaliation for SEAL Team 6’s Osama Bin Laden raid?

Perhaps the most stunning revelation from this interview is that the names of the 7 Afghans placed aboard this helicopter as shown on the flight manifest are NOT the same individuals who actually died in this crash.. The 7 Afghans slated for this flight were SWAPPED with different Afghans at the last minute yet the flight manifest was not changed to reflect the swap. Was the helicopter downed by the Afghans on board this flight? Did the Afghans involved with this flight tip off their comrades down range to plan their strike on this helicopter? Did the Afghans influence the decision to swap their occupants with their own hit team inside?

The Vaugn family is outraged that Vice President Biden outed SEAL Team 6 as the group who executed the Osama Bin Laden raid. She said that because of Biden’s ‘leak’, SEAL Team 6 had “a target put on their backs”. Mrs. Vaughn had been personally warned by her own son via telephone to “wipe her social media clean”. Mr. Vaughn suggested Joe Biden be held accountable for his remarks which far surpass mere ‘gaffes’ and that have cost American troops their lives. “They sympathize with the enemy. They sympathize with the ideology” of the enemy, he said.



BOMBSHELL: Was the downing of SEAL Team 6‘s CH-47 helicopter an inside job?


May 10, 2013 | GeorgeWashingtonsGhost


Posted on 05/10/2013 12:33:21 PM PDT by GeorgeWashingtonsGhost





Fox News’Megan Kelly interviewed the parents of SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn who perished in the tragic crash of a CH-47 helicopter on August 06 2011 in Afghanistan. During this interview the Vaughs stated that this crash was a direct result of traitorous rules of engagement ordered by the Obama administration that have consistently proven deadly to our troops (It should be noted here that “Over Twice as Many U.S. Soldiers Have Died in Afghanistan Under Obama In 3 1/2 Years Than Did Under Bush in 8 Years..”)




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THE BLAZE by MADELEINE MORGENSTERN (People are more afraid of not having an opinion than they are of looking like fools after expressing those opinions. This nation would be so much better off if folks would just fess up and say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I sure as hell won’t know what I’m talking about once I start!” JM)

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Prank Asks People What They Thought of the Inauguration — Before it Even Happened

Jan. 19, 2013 8:46am

President Barack Obama’s second inauguration was “awesome,” “moving” and “you know, part of history.” Vice President Joe Biden even cried.

Too bad it hasn’t happened yet.

But that small detail didn’t stop people from sounding off in front of ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras on what they thought of Obama’s second swearing-in — days before it actually took place.

“It was awesome,” one woman said. “It was, you know, part of history. It was really nice to see him up there, getting his second term. Proud of him.”

She really liked Obama’s speech, particularly him “talking about what he’s going to do for us, not what he’s going to do for the other countries, what he’s going to do for America.”

They weren’t all positive reviews, however: there was one person who “didn’t really care for it…I turned the TV off, it kind of bored me.”

English: President Barack Obama and Vice Presi...

Joe Biden, Elena Kagan, & Guess Who, in the East Room, giving themselves a big hand. Kagan said, “We’re in position now to take this country down! WooHoo!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...


Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...


Joe Biden to Father of Former Navy SEAL Killed in Benghazi: ‘Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?’

  • Posted on October 25, 2012 at 7:19pm by Jason HowertonJason Howerton

Tyrone Woods

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was one of four Americans killed in the terrorist assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya on Sept. 11. (Image source: ABC News)

The father of one of the former Navy SEALs killed in the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya says President Barack Obama wouldn’t even look him in the eye and Vice President Joe Biden was disrespectful during the ceremony when his son’s body returned to America. He also says the White House’s story on the attack doesn’t pass the smell test.

Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, called into “The Glenn Beck Program” on TheBlazeTV Thursday and recounted his interactions with the president, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Biden at the ceremony for the Libya victims at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. He told host Glenn Beck that what they told him, coupled with new reports that indicate the Obama administration knew very good and well, almost immediately, that a terrorist attack was occurring in Benghazi, make him certain that the American people are not getting the whole truth.

Vice President Biden, as he has become known to do, reportedly made a wildly inappropriate comment to the father who had just lost his hero son.

Woods said Biden came over to his family and asked in a “loud and boisterous” voice, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

“Are these the words of someone who is sorry?” said Woods.

The grieving father also described his brief encounter with President Obama during the ceremony for the Libya victims.

“When he finally came over to where we were, I could tell that he was rather conflicted, a person who was not at peace with himself,” Woods said. “Shaking hands with him, quite frankly, was like shaking hands with a dead fish. His face was pointed towards me but he would not look me in the eye, his eyes were over my shoulder.”

“I could tell that he was not sorry,” he added. “He had no remorse.”

Beck said he wanted to give the president “the benefit of the doubt,” and asked Woods how he could be sure that Obama wasn’t just uncomfortable or nervous during their conversation. Woods said it was Obama’s “demeanor.”

Hillary Clinton’s comments to Woods raise even more questions about the White House’s official story on the Benghazi attack, which has already been extremely inconsistent.

After apologizing for his loss, Woods said Clinton told him that the U.S. would “make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.

Obviously, Clinton was referring to the anti-Muslim YouTube video that the Obama administration spent nearly two weeks blaming for the attack. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, Clinton and the president himself all blamed the video at various points. Beck pointed out that the White House is now trying to claim that it has always considered terrorism as the cause of the attack.

“When she said that, I could tell that she was not telling me the truth,” Woods said about Clinton.

Watch part I of the interview with Beck here via TheBlazeTV:

<iframe src=’; width=’400′ height=’224′ frameborder=’0′>Your browser does not support iframes.

Reading another State Department email that further calls into question the U.S. response to the attack, Beck revealed that the U.S. government was made aware that the compound in Benghazi was under attack by “mortar fire,” hardly a sign of a spontaneous protest.

“The question that I had in my mind,” Woods replied, “was why did we not do something to protect our forces?”

“We didn’t even dispatch anybody,” Beck lamented.

“You released the information that the White House within minutes of the attack, watched in real time the events unfolding,” Woods told Beck earlier in the program. “They denied the pleas for help and they watched my son die.

Woods went on to read the following statement, in honor of his son:

“I want to honor my son, Ty Woods, who responded to the cries for help and voluntarily sacrificed his life to protect the lives of other Americans. In the last few days it has become public knowledge that within minutes of the first bullet being fired the White House knew these heroes would be slaughtered if immediate air support was denied. Apparently, C-130s were ready to respond immediately. In less than an hour, the perimeters could have been secured and American lives could have been saved. After seven hours fighting numerically superior forces, my son’s life was sacrificed because of the White House’s decision. This has nothing to do with politics, this has to do with integrity and honor. My son was a true American hero. We need more heroes today. My son showed moral courage. This is an opportunity for the person or persons who made the decision to sacrifice my son’s life to stand up.”

Tears in his eyes, Beck told Woods that his son was not even there for security purposes but after hearing cries for help he voluntarily protected his fellow Americans, knowing his life would be put in danger. Beck called Tyrone Woods a “hero” multiple times throughout the show.

“I am sorry for your loss, and I know there are millions of Americans that are sorry for your loss,” Beck concluded.

Watch part II of the interview here via TheBlazeTV:

<iframe src=’; width=’400′ height=’224′ frameborder=’0′>Your browser does not support iframes.

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English: Photograph of Barack Obama (center), ...

THREE BLIND MICE  Barack Obama (center), Joe Biden (left) and Hilary Clinton (right) during Office of the President speech. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Presidential coverup of an act of war in Benghazi

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Despite the lies and blame-game of the Obama administration, we finally have an accurate account of what really happened during the jihadist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, from two two senior State Department officials.

It was, without question,  a full-out military attack on the US.

The Obama administration knew from the start that this was a very well-organized jihadist attack. Blaming our freedoms, our first amendment rights for the jihadist attack, was a second attack on the American people (perhaps even more frightening) perpetuated by the Obama administration.

The transcript is frightening and deeply disturbing. The Obama administration is at war with the American people, and Americans are dying because of it. This is surely impeachable. Romney ought to be shouting this from the mountain tops.

What Happened In Benghazi Powerline, October 13, 2012

Embassy_finger_prints2Photo: Bloody fingerprints indicate at least some Americans were still alive when dragged from the embassy building.

The State Department has released a transcript of a briefing that two high-ranking department officials gave to a number of reporters via conference call on October 9 (Tuesday). I am not certain about this, but I believe the transcript was only made public today. You should read it in its entirety; it is the most detailed description I have seen of the events in Benghazi on September 11.

While this is by no means clear, it appears that the State Department may have released the transcript as part of the escalating conflict between Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In their desperation to avoid responsibility for the Benghazi debacle, Obama and Biden have pointed fingers in two directions: at the intelligence community for reporting incorrectly that the incident was a protest over a YouTube video clip, and at the State Department for not providing adequate security for the Ambassador.

Here are some excerpts from the narrative:

A few minutes later – we’re talking about 9 o’clock at night – the Ambassador retires to his room, the others are still at Building C, and the one agent in the [Tactical Operations Center]. At 9:40 p.m., the agent in the TOC and the agents in Building C hear loud noises coming from the front gate. They also hear gunfire and an explosion. The agent in the TOC looks at his cameras – these are cameras that have pictures of the perimeter – and the camera on the main gate reveals a large number of people – a large number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound. One special agent immediately goes to get the Ambassador in his bedroom and gets Sean, and the three of them enter the safe haven inside the building. …

They turn around immediately and head back – or the two of them, from Building B, turn around immediately with their kit and head back to Villa C, where the Ambassador and his colleagues are. They encounter a large group of armed men between them and Building C. I should say that the agent in Building C with the Ambassador has radioed that they are all in the safe haven and are fine. The agents that encounter the armed group make a tactical decision to turn around and go back to their Building B and barricade themselves in there. So we have people in three locations right now.

And I neglected to mention – I should have mentioned from the top that the attackers, when they came through the gate, immediately torched the barracks. It is aflame, the barracks that was occupied by the 17th February Brigade armed host country security team. I should also have mentioned that at the very first moment when the agent in the TOC seized [sic — apparently should read “sees”] the people flowing through the gate, he immediately hits an alarm, and so there is a loud alarm. He gets on the public address system as well, yelling, “Attack, attack.” Having said that, the agents – the other agents had heard the noise and were already reacting.

Okay. So we have agents in Building C – or an agent in Building C with the Ambassador and Sean, we have two agents in Building B, and we have two agents in the TOC. All – Building C is – attackers penetrate in Building C. They walk around inside the building into a living area, not the safe haven area. The building is dark. They look through the grill, they see nothing. They try the grill, the locks on the grill; they can’t get through. The agent is, in fact, watching them from the darkness. He has his long gun trained on them and he is ready to shoot if they come any further. They do not go any further.

They have jerry cans. They have jerry cans full of diesel fuel that they’ve picked up at the entrance when they torched the barracks. They have sprinkled the diesel fuel around. They light the furniture in the living room – this big, puffy, Middle Eastern furniture. They light it all on fire, and they have also lit part of the exterior of the building on fire. At the same time, there are other attackers that have penetrated Building B. The two agents in Building B are barricaded in an inner room there. The attackers circulate in Building B but do not get to the agents and eventually leave.

A third group of attackers tried to break into the TOC. They pound away at the door, they throw themselves at the door, they kick the door, they really treat it pretty rough; they are unable to get in, and they withdraw. Back in Building C, where the Ambassador is, the building is rapidly filling with smoke. The attackers have exited. The smoke is extremely thick. It’s diesel smoke, and also, obviously, smoke from – fumes from the furniture that’s burning. And the building inside is getting more and more black. The Ambassador and the two others make a decision that it’s getting – it’s starting to get tough to breathe in there, and so they move to another part of the safe haven, a bathroom that has a window. They open the window. The window is, of course, grilled. They open the window trying to get some air in. That doesn’t help. The building is still very thick in smoke. …

Okay. We’ve got the agent. He’s opening the – he is suffering severely from smoke inhalation at this point. He can barely breathe. He can barely see. He’s got the grill open and he flops out of the window onto a little patio that’s been enclosed by sandbags. He determines that he’s under fire, but he also looks back and sees he doesn’t have his two companions. He goes back in to get them. He can’t find them. He goes in and out several times before smoke overcomes him completely, and he has to stagger up a small ladder to the roof of the building and collapse. He collapses. …

The agent in the TOC, who is in full gear, opens the door, throws a smoke grenade, which lands between the two buildings, to obscure what he is doing, and he moves to Building B, enters Building B. He un-barricades the two agents that are in there, and the three of them emerge and head for Building C. There are, however, plenty of bad guys and plenty of firing still on the compound, and they decide that the safest way for them to move is to go into an armored vehicle, which is parked right there. They get into the armored vehicle and they drive to Building C.

They drive to the part of the building where the agent had emerged. He’s on the roof. They make contact with the agent. Two of them set up as best a perimeter as they can, and the third one, third agent, goes into the building. This goes on for many minutes. Goes into the building, into the choking smoke. When that agent can’t proceed, another agent goes in, and so on. And they take turns going into the building on their hands and knees, feeling their way through the building to try to find their two colleagues. They find Sean. They pull him out of the building. He is deceased. They are unable to find the Ambassador. …

At this point, the quick reaction security team and the Libyans, especially the Libyan forces, are saying, “We cannot stay here. It’s time to leave. We’ve got to leave. We can’t hold the perimeter.” So at that point, they make the decision to evacuate the compound and to head for the annex. The annex is about two kilometers away. My agents pile into an armored vehicle with the body of Sean, and they exit the main gate. …

[T]hey take fire almost as soon as they emerge from the compound. They go a couple of – they go in one direction toward the annex. They don’t like what they’re seeing ahead of them. There are crowds. There are groups of men. They turn around and go the other direction. They don’t like what they’re seeing in that direction either. They make another u-turn. They’re going at a steady pace. There is traffic in the roads around there. This is in Benghazi, after all. Now, they’re going at a steady pace and they’re trying not to attract too much attention, so they’re going maybe 15 miles an hour down the street.

They come up to a knot of men in an adjacent compound, and one of the men signals them to turn into that compound. They agents [sic] at that point smell a rat, and they step on it. They have taken some fire already. At this point, they take very heavy fire as they go by this group of men. They take direct fire from AK-47s from about two feet away. The men also throw hand grenades or gelignite bombs under – at the vehicle and under it. At this point, the armored vehicle is extremely heavily impacted, but it’s still holding. There are two flat tires, but they’re still rolling. …

As the night goes on, a team of reinforcements from Embassy Tripoli arrives by chartered aircraft at Benghazi airport and makes its way to the compound – to the annex, I should say. And I should have mentioned that the quick reaction – the quick reaction security team that was at the compound has also, in addition to my five agents, has also returned to the annex safely. The reinforcements from Tripoli are at the compound – at the annex. They take up their positions. And somewhere around 5:45 in the morning – sorry, somewhere around 4 o’clock in the morning – I have my timeline wrong – somewhere around 4 o’clock in the morning the annex takes mortar fire. It is precise and some of the mortar fire lands on the roof of the annex. It immediately killed two security personnel that are there, severely wounds one of the agents that’s come from the compound.

At that point, a decision is made at the annex that they are going to have to evacuate the whole enterprise. And the next hours are spent, one, securing the annex, and then two, moving in a significant and large convoy of vehicles everybody to the airport, where they are evacuated on two flights.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was jetting off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

It was obvious to the reporters on the call that this narrative blows Obama’s evasions sky high:

First question is from the line of Anne Gearan with the Washington Post. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Hi. You said a moment ago that there was nothing unusual outside, on the street, or outside the gates of the main compound. When did the agents inside – what – excuse me, what did the agents inside think was happening when the first group of men gathered there and they first heard those explosions? Did they think it was a protest, or did they think it was something else?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL TWO: The agent in the TOC heard the noise, heard the firing. Firing is not unusual in Benghazi at 9:40 at night, but he immediately reacted and looked at his cameras and saw people coming in, hit the alarm. And the rest is as I described it. Does that help?

This exchange is priceless:

OPERATOR: The next question is from the line of Brad Klapper with AP. Please, go ahead.

QUESTION: Hi, yes. You described several incidents you had with groups of men, armed men. What in all of these events that you’ve described led officials to believe for the first several days that this was prompted by protests against the video?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL TWO: That is a question that you would have to ask others. That was not our conclusion. I’m not saying that we had a conclusion, but we outlined what happened. The Ambassador walked guests out around 8:30 or so, there was no one on the street at approximately 9:40, then there was the noise and then we saw on the cameras the – a large number of armed men assaulting the compound.

So Hillary Clinton and the State Department unequivocally reject the account that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have given. It is hard to imagine what “intelligence” reports Obama could have received that blamed the YouTube video. He is lying, evidently.

Libya act of war



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Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...

Frick and Frack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Joel B. Pollak 12 Oct 2012, 5:28 AM PDT

Here are the top ten worst lies told by Biden during the debate:

10. “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey….not a single thing he said is accurate.” At the outset of the debate, Biden tried to paint Ryan as a liar–when Biden, in fact, was the one lying. Ryan had pointed out: 1) that the White House had distanced itself from the Cairo embassy’s apologies on 9/11; 2) that Obama had failed to speak up for Iranian protestors in 2009; 3) that the Obama administration called Syria’s dictator a “reformer”; 4) and that the Obama administration is imposing defense cuts and projecting weakness. All of that is true.

9. “The president has met with Bibi [Netanyahu] a dozen times….This is a bunch of stuff.” While they have met several times–not a dozen–that includes a meeting at which Obama made the Israeli prime minister enter the White House through a back entrance, refused to take a picture with him, and left him on his own for dinner. Specifically, Ryan had criticized Obama’s refusal to meet Netanyahu in New York last month, and to tape talk show interviews instead–a clear snub that sent the wrong signal, again, to Israel’s enemies.

8. “Just let the taxes expire like they’re supposed to on those millionaires.” Biden’s “millionaires” are actually households earning more than $250,000 a year, which includes many middle-class families with two earners, and small business owners in particular who report business earnings as personal income. Biden and Obama have repeatedly labeled those earning over $250,000 as “millionaires and billionaires,” distorting the actual impact of their tax plan on the non-millionaires it would hit hardest, who create a vast proportion of small business jobs.

7. “You know, I heard that death panel argument from Sarah Palin. It seems that every vice presidential debate, I hear this kind of stuff about panels.” Biden’s cheap shot against Palin was an attempt to diminish both her and the man sitting across from him. But Palin never talked about “death panels” in her debate with Biden, for the simple reason that Obamacare had not yet been proposed. Nor did Ryan mention “death panels”–he had addressed the undeniable fact that Obamacare proposes a board to impose cost controls.

6. “The congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for.” Biden’s lie about Ryan’s budget was an attempt to dodge responsibility for lax embassy security–and to cover up that the Obama called for new cuts to embassy security just days after the 9/11 attacks. Ryan’s proposal, which called for a 19% overall decrease in non-defense discretionary spending, does not even mention embassy security–the Obama campaign merely made up that number by applying 19% across the board.

5. “No, they are not four years closer to a nuclear weapon.” Biden’s attempt to lie about the glaring reality of the Iranian nuclear program fell flat. Iran is indeed four years closer to a nuclear weapon, and the Obama administration–believing it knew better than its predecessors–tried to reinvent the wheel on talks with Iran, causing frustration to our allies in Europe and the Middle East. Meeting after meeting this year has failed to produce results, and the loophole-filled sanctions, while hurting Iran somewhat, are not stopping its nuclear program.

4. “No religious institution, Catholic or otherwise…has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact.” No, it is not a fact–it is the opposite of a fact, and saying “that is a fact” does not make it any less a blatant lie. The Obama administration is forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptive and abortion drugs through their insurance policies. That is the reason several dozen religious institutions are suing the administration to defend their First Amendment freedom of religion.

3. “It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card…I was there. I voted against him.” Biden voted for both the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war. He did not vote for George W. Bush’s plan to extend coverage of Medicare to prescription drugs (though he voted for an earlier, similar proposal), nor did he vote for the Bush tax cuts. But he voted for both of the wars he derided last night. To quote Bill Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention: “It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.”

2. “What we did is we saved $716 billion and put it back — applied it to Medicare.” Biden repeated the lie the Obama administration has been telling since before Obamacare passed in 2010: that cuts to Medicare today were savings that extend the life of the program. They would be–if the same $716 billion wasn’t also being used to pay for Obamacare. As Ryan pointed out in 2010, and again last night, you can’t double-count the same cuts. Taking $716 billion out of Medicare means exactly that–and hurts, not helps, the program’s solvency.

1. “Well, we weren’t told they wanted more security again.” Biden lied through his teeth about the fact that the administration–specifically, the State Department–had been told again and again that security on the ground in Libya, and in Benghazi in particular, was inadequate. The day before, in Congressional hearings on the Libya attacks, former regional security director Eric Nordstrom described his frustration with having those requests turned down by the government bureaucracy: “For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”


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English: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Can you see Obama’s hand up Joe’s back? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Snark, interruptions, ‘derisive sneering’

Biden tries to make up debate ground for Obama


Published: 12 hours ago


author-image by Bob UnruhEmail | Archive

Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.More ↓


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There was snark. There were guffaws. According to Fox News commentator Brit Hume there was “derisive sneering.”


In short, he said, it was a “cranky old man debating a polite young man.”


Chris Wallace said Vice President Joe Biden was “openly contemptuous” of the GOP candidate for his office, Rep. Paul Ryan, and said he’d never quite seen such a performance.


It all happened tonight at the vice presidential debate as Biden tried to make up ground in the presidential race that had been lost a week earlier by Barack Obama in his debate with GOP candidate Mitt Romney.


Analysts on site of the debate described Biden’s actions as “smirking” and “mugging.”


On one of the most controversial issues raised for debate, Ryan promised that a Romney-Ryan administration would be pro-life in its policy, unlike the Obama administration now that supports abortion at will “without reservation and with taxpayer funding.”


He also said he opposes the “assault” on religious rights being implemented by those installing Obamacare as a takeover of health care decision-making – citing the dozens of lawsuits brought by religious individuals against the government over its demand they fund abortifacients.


Vice President Joe Biden said he personally believes that life begins at conception, but wouldn’t do anything to stop others from taking the lives of the unborn.


The arguments came the only meeting of the two candidates for the No. 2 office.


“Our faith informs us of everything we do,” Ryan said. He said his Catholic faith plays a role in his position, but reason and science complete his position.


“I believe life begins at conception. The policy of a Romney administration would be to oppose abortion except in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother,” he said.


Biden also said he was “practicing Catholic” but he would “refuse to impose his beliefs on equally devout Christians…”


“Unlike my friend here, the congressman, I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that women can’t control their bodies. That’s a decision between them and their doctor,” Biden said.


Biden repeatedly laughed while Ryan was speaking, and interrupted and talked over the congressman, who remained largely serious on the issues under discussion, abortion, war, and national security, and waited for Biden to complete his statements before expressing his own comments.


On the issue of Syria, Biden said “the facts” are that Obama is working with people in the region to identify who would provide a government when Bashir al-Assad falls.


“We are doing it exactly right,” he said.


Ryan said the fact that Obama did not act sooner against Assad means that al-Qaida now has gained a foothold in Syria.


“Meanwhile, about 30,000 Syrians are dead,” he said.


On Benghazi, and the terror attack that killed four Americans, Biden blamed the intelligence network for telling the Obama administration the violence was sparked by a film project critical of Islam.


Ryan questioned why Obama spent two weeks defending that story, when intelligence sources at this point are saying they knew immediately it was a terror attack.


On the question of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, Biden said the Obama administration was exactly right, working with other nations on sanctions.


He accused Ryan of wanting “to go do war.”


And Biden said although he could not talk about classified information, he “was confident” the U.S. “could deal a serious blow to the Iranians.”


Ryan said the red line is that Iran cannot be allowed to gain a nuclear weapon, and he explained when Iranian leaders see the U.S. as weak and undecided, they will not divert from their stated goal of having such weapons.


Biden called Ryan’s comments a “bunch of stuff.”


He said Iran doesn’t have a weapon to install fissile materials in, even if those materials were being developed.


By Ryan contended that Iran actually now is “four years closer to a nuclear weapon.”


On the economy, Biden boasted of rescuing General Motors, making sure of tax cuts for the middle class and trying to “level the playing field.”


He accused Ryan of holding hostage more tax cuts for the middle class.


Ryan pointed out that in Scranton, Pa., Biden’s hometown, when Obama took office the unemployment was 8.5 percent. But he said now it’s 10 percent.


He noted that the economic growth in the U.S. is far below where it should be, and is falling further. And he said Obamacare’s 21 taxes include 12 that hit directly at the middle class.


He defended Romney, who was criticized for stating that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes.


“As the vice president knows,” Ryan said. “Sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.”


Ryan noted the billions of dollars Obama spent on cars in Finland, other projects in China and the like.


“I know you’re under duress,” Ryan told Biden.


They disagreed over each other’s plans, with Biden repeating the claim Romney wants a $5 trillion tax cut, something Ryan said was incorrect.


“Look, who do you want to trust on this?” Biden said, looking straight into the camera.


“This is what politicians do when they don’t have a record to run on,” Ryan said, explaining the strategy then was for them to make people afraid – and want to run away from someone.




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Clint Got Under Obama’s Skin

August 31, 2012




RUSH: Yeah, I loved Eastwood. I even thought that was bold and good. I’ll tell you what, folks. Let me just give you a little hint on how to translate the left today.

The left — and this is predictable. They’re destroying Eastwood, and Hollywood types are destroying Eastwood. “Oh, Clint! What’s happened to poor old Clint? Oh, he looks like he’s got Alzheimer’s. Oh, no. Did you see how old Clint was? He didn’t even know where he was.” They were dumping all over Eastwood, and you know why? Because they can’t hit Romney, and they’ve gotta hit something. But Romney’s speech doesn’t have a whole lot hittable in it. Oh, they were sending out their e-mails last night.

We’re on their mailing lists. Every five or ten minutes, they were sending out e-mails asking for three bucks. The various Democratic fundraising organizations were asking for three bucks. “That Paul Ryan, he lied through his teeth and now Romney? He’s lying through his teeth!” But that stuff is pro forma. The target that Eastwood’s become…? By the way, let me tell you something. Eastwood succeeded in getting under Obama’s skin.

At 12:30 last night, somebody on behalf of Obama (and for all I know it was Obama himself) tweeted a picture of Obama in an official presidential chair. Looks like it’s in the Cabinet Room. It might be in the Oval, but, regardless, it’s the official presidential chair, and it’s got a little miniature plaque on the back of the chair that says, “President US 2009.” And the tweet is, “This seat is taken.” Now, we’ve talked about this. So here they needle Obama. He’s so transparent!

We can depict this guy as an empty chair. And it must have gotten to him because he tweeted at 12:30 or somebody did in his name — that, “Nope, sorry. This seat’s taken,” rather than ignore it. See? See, here’s somebody who chose the philosophy of responding, of replying, of fighting back, and now a lot of people are saying, “A-ha, it worked! It got under Obama’s skin,” and it did.

You know, I wondered what the heck was going on. I didn’t get it for a while because my hearing is such that I had to wait for closed-captioning to catch up with what Eastwood was saying at the beginning, and whoever was doing the transcribing didn’t know what he was saying because it was ad-lib. They didn’t have it on the prompter so they couldn’t have preloaded it for the captioners so I’m starting to get nervous. I saw that empty chair, and I thought, “What is that doing there?”

It took me awhile to figure out that Eastwood was looking at the empty chair. It was Obama there. He’s having this imaginary conversation. Then, I realized what was going on. This is a great bit, and Eastwood was the essence of simplicity. How, if somebody’s not doing a job, you let ’em go. Just simple as it could be. Real world simple. Plus, it was hilarious. It was funny. Of course, we are people who like laughing at Obama. The other side doesn’t.


RUSH: Clint Eastwood and the empty chair. Improv. This, I loved. I thought this was the essence, as I say, of simplicity. I thought Eastwood was funny. I thought he was great. Brevity is the soul of wit, and Eastwood demonstrated that last night. Let’s go to the audio sound bites and hear him making fun of Oprah on national TV. Who does that? Well, outside of us, of course, but who? Nobody does that. But we all do.

EASTWOOD: I was watching that night when he was having that thing, and they were talking about “hope and change,” and they were talking about, “Yes, we can.” And it was dark and it was outdoors and it was nice and people were lighting candles and they were saying… I just thought, “This is great.” I mean, everybody’s crying. Oprah was crying, and —

CONVENTION: (laughter)

EASTWOOD: I was even crying! And finally — I haven’t cried that hard since I found out that there’s 23 million unemployed people in this country.

CONVENTION: (laughter)

EASTWOOD: Now, that is something to cry for, because that is a disgrace — a national disgrace — and we haven’t done enough, obviously. This administration hasn’t done enough to cure that.

RUSH: Now, I don’t know about you. I love words. Words mean things. Even words that sound like throwaway words. When Eastwood said, “I was watching that night when he was having that thing,” people said, “He’s senile! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He couldn’t even remember what that was.” No, no, no! “Having that thing” is perfect. Yeah, “they were having that thing.” This is the perfect way to diminish it.

He was talking about Obama and Grant Park after the election. All these people, the zombies, are lighting candles. They don’t even know why they’re there. They just feel good. But if you ask ’em why, you’d get spaced-out, Oprah-type answers. And then to throw in Oprah was crying? I mean, I’m sorry, that hits me right in the heart because I have a theory that Oprah’s success is directly related to how much she cries, and I’ve told you this over and over again.

So that one, when I heard it, just made my day. You talk about emotional connections? Clint and I were on the same Zen-like astral plane with that one. “Yeah, I was watching that night and they were having that thing.” (laughing) That just cracked me up. That’s the kind of thing I wish I had said, and to most people it’s a throwaway or some senile old guy who can’t remember what he’s talking about. And he also ripped, appropriately so, Vice President Joe Biden.

EASTWOOD: (asking the empty Obama chair) What do you want me to tell Romney? (pause) I can’t tell him to do that. He can’t do that to himself.

CONVENTION: (laughter)

EASTWOOD: You’re… You’re absolutely crazy.

CONVENTION: (whistles and laughter)

EASTWOOD: You’re getting as bad as Biden.

CONVENTION: (wild laughter and applause)

EASTWOOD: Of course, we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democrat Party, so…

CONVENTION: (roaring laughter)

EASTWOOD: He’s kind of a grin with a body behind it.

CONVENTION: (roars continue)

RUSH: I tell you, folks, when I saw that empty chair, at first I didn’t know what was going on because of my hearing. As I said, I had to wait for closed-captioning to catch up, so I was lagging behind ’til I figured out what was going on. But when they panned the crowd after Eastwood said, “I can’t tell him to do that. He can’t do that to himself. You’re crazy. You’re absolutely crazy. You’re getting as bad as Biden.” They panned the crowd.

We didn’t hear anything, but I know what I saw. I saw a bunch of people explaining what he was talking about to other people. I saw a guy laughing, telling a woman who had a look of total confusion on her face what Clint had just said. And vice-versa. But there were some people who didn’t quite get it. I got it right off the bat, and most people did, but it was funny to see it being translated out there. The camera stuck on some people long enough that after they had had it translated, you saw their mouths fall open.

“Really? (Gasp!) Is that what that means?”

Where else are you gonna get this stuff? This is real. Critics are talking about such lack of dignity, so beneath the image that the Republicans want to put forward. No, this was real. Everything about this convention this week was real. Eastwood, he did ramble some. I mean, it was ad-lib. There wasn’t a prompter up there. Well, actually, if you look at a still shot or two, you’ll see a prompter for the empty chair. Yes. You will see a prompter for the empty chair. If you look, if you see a picture or a still shot (even a live shot at the right angle). But he did ramble.

But then he eventually got to another point…

EASTWOOD: We own this country.

CONVENTION: (cheers and applause)

EASTWOOD: We own it. And it’s not you owning it and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours, and

CONVENTION: (cheers and applause)

EASTWOOD: So they’re just gonna come around and beg for votes every few years. It’s the same old deal. But I just think that it’s important that you realize that you’re the best in the world, whether you’re Democrat or whether you’re a Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever. You’re the best, and we should not ever forget that, and when somebody does not do the job, we gotta let ’em go.

CONVENTION: (cheers and applause)

RUSH: What could be more sensible? What could be simpler? The fact-checkers, by the way — some of the lib fact-checkers — are actually testing to see if you can do that to yourself, to see if Eastwood was lying. Some of these lib fact-checkers are actually trying it. They’re desperately trying to catch Eastwood in a lie. No, here’s another of what a lot of people would consider a throwaway line. He says, “Politicians are employees of ours.”

Everybody’s laughing, and everybody’s chuckling and applauding. And then he says, “So they’re just gonna come around, beg for votes every few years. It’s the same old deal.” Amen! That’s exactly how a lot of people look at politicians: “They’re gonna come around and beg for votes. Same old deal.” But you’re the best. You’re the people who make the country work. And when somebody doesn’t do a good job, we gotta let ’em go.

It’s just that simple.



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