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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: We Lied and Counted on the Stupidity of the American VoterNovember 10, 2014


RUSH: Have you seen or heard the audio snippet of the actual author of Obamacare?  His name is Jonathan Gruber.  He is a professor at MIT, a professor of economics.

He wrote both Romneycare and he wrote Obamacare.  “Oh, yeah, he’s a brilliant, smart guy! Oh, totally smart guy.”  Almost a year ago, in October of 2013, he was in Philadelphia speaking at the 24th Annual Health Economics Conference, and he spoke about Obamacare and how and what they had to do to make it a reality.

I want you to listen to how this prominent Democrat, prominent leftist professor of economics at MIT addresses you and references you and speaks of you, the American people, and — be it in Obamacare or anything else they want done — what they have to do in order to get their agenda forward.

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GRUBER:  This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes.  If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies, okay?  So it’s written to do that.  In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are gonna pay in… If you made it explicit the healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed, okay?  Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.  And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of American voter or whatever. But basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.

RUSH:  In other words, they had to lie to you, and they relied on your stupidity. They counted on your stupidity to believe their lies such as, “You get to keep your doctor and you get to keep your health insurance plan,” such as, “Your premiums are gonna come down,” such as, “No they’re not taxes! There’s no way they’re taxes. No, no, no. And you’re gonna get subsidies if you can’t afford it, so don’t sweat it.  Everything’s gonna be fine.”

The media carried the lie forward, and it was all based on their belief that you are too stupid to figure out what they’re doing.  All they had to do was find a way to service your ignorance and your stupidity, and they could create support for the bill.  But do you know what happened?  There has never been majority support for this bill.  That’s the one thing you must never lose sight of here. Don’t ever forget: They never did fool a majority of the American people.

This bill was rammed down the throats of the people this country on, what, Christmas Eve in 2010, and there wasn’t one Republican vote in it. There never has been a Republican vote in favor of this.  How many times…?  I love this because it’s validation of what I’ve always known and what I’ve always said.  They mask, they camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to do; you’d never support it.  And they have contempt for the average American citizen.

The average American citizen is a dolt. “The stupidity of the American voter.” I’ll tell you where this has led.  The Supreme Court’s gonna hear another phase of Obamacare, and that’s about the subsidies, and depending how this one goes… I don’t want to make any predictions, because the slam-dunk prediction on the first case on Obamacare, we were all wrong, because the Supreme Court chief justice decided to write the law himself in order avoid declaring it unconstitutional.

He thought, “Nah, I can’t do that! It’s the will of Congress. We can’t go up against will of the people and declare it unconstitutional.”  So he rewrote the law to make it palatable. So anything’s possible here.  But essentially a bunch of people have gotten subsidies that do not deserve them, that do not qualify for them.  The only people who get subsidies are from the states, state exchanges, and most states did not set up an exchange.

Which means the federal government came in and, essentially, in violation of Obamacare, set up their own exchange and provided their own subsidies, which is not legal.  And the Supreme Court decided to hear this case even though there hasn’t been any disagreement yet at the appellate level. They generally wait for that before taking a case, but they took this one right away, and that’s why people go, “Well, maybe — maybe — they’re eager to fix their first mistake.”

It’s dangerous to think that way.

But we’ve got violations of the law all over the place in this administration, and this one’s gonna go right back up to the Supreme Court.


RUSH:  “Lack of transparency” was the key because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have killed Obamacare.  That’s Jonathan Gruber. Once again, he’s an economics professor at MIT, and he said, “Lack of transparency,” meaning honesty. Lack of honesty was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because the stupidity of the American voter would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.

There you go, America.

That is what the Democrat Party thinks of you.

This is not something new.  He said this a year ago at a conference of economists, but it’s not new.  This is how the Democrat Party thinks of most people, and it’s not hard to believe.  They think most people are incapable of taking care of themselves, for example. Particularly women.  They think most people are incompetent and will make the wrong decisions if living a life of self-reliance.

The Democrat Party thinks everybody’s a victim, primarily of America or of the Republican Party or of conservatives.  They don’t dare be honest with you about what they believe.  They know you wouldn’t vote for it, and that’s why you’re stupid.  You don’t have the intelligence to see the brilliance of their ideas.  What you have is the common sense to know they’re not good.

So this arrogant condescension is a commonplace point of view that is held by practical everybody, particularly at the top ranks of the Democrat Party.  “The bill was written in a tortured way to make sure the CBO didn’t score the mandate as taxes.

“If it was taxes, it would kill it,” meaning: You don’t want to pay higher taxes. Even though you’re paying higher premiums, higher everything, they had to lie to you about that, otherwise you would have resoundingly opposed it and it wouldn’t have happened.

They couldn’t dare be honest with you.

They still can’t.


RUSH:  Not only were the American people not fooled by the Democrat Party’s lies on Obamacare — again, it has never had majority support.  Just like amnesty for illegals has not had majority support.  Much of which this administration has done has been done against the will of the American people.  The American people didn’t vote for what has happened in so many things.  The Democrat Party knew it.  The Democrat Party knows they would be rejected.  They have been rejected in two elections, the 2010 midterms and 2014 midterms.

I don’t think people realize just how bad this is for the Democrat Party.  It’s more than a wipeout, and it’s so well deserved. I can’t even begin to tell you. This has been so long in coming.  This is a party which has knowingly lied to the American people, which has constantly held a majority of the American people in contempt as epitomized by Jonathan Gruber’s statement that they relied on the stupidity of the American voter — well, they had to do what they did because of the stupidity of the American voter.  They had to lie about what was in Obamacare.

originalYeah, they said it was under trillion dollars. The trillion-dollar figure was magical ’cause that’s what the Iraq war cost, and Obama was running around saying it’s no expense whatsoever, we’re simply gonna replace the… (interruption)  Exactly right.  Anybody and everybody listening to this program knew exactly what Obamacare was all about, but not just here.  Everybody had the — well, not everybody, but, I mean, there were a lot of media outlets that had the truth about this bill from the get-go and the philosophy that was serving as its foundation.  This bill never fooled a majority of the American people.  And, you know what?  This goes back to Hillarycare.

Hillarycare was never, ever supported by a majority Americans.  It never had a prayer.  The Democrat Party literally had to lie and literally ram this down the throats of this country because the American people didn’t want it.  And the only way they could do it was to lie.  That’s what lack of transparency means when this Gruber guy says that lack of transparency was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because the stupidity of the American voter would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.

Grab sound bite 20 again.  Listen to it again in his own words, Jonathan Gruber, MIT economics professor in Philadelphia, 24th annual Health Economics Conference.

GRUBER:  This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes.  If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies, okay?  So it’s written to do that.  In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are gonna pay in… If you made it explicit the healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed, okay?  Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.  And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of American voter or whatever. But basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.

He had one more sentence which followed this.  He said, “Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”  So they had to lie.  That’s what lack of transparency means.  Lack of openness.  Lack of honesty.  They had to hide from you what was really in it.  And of course these mandates are taxes, and they’re unconstitutional, and that’s what the Supreme Court punted on when they heard the case.  They are taxes, and they’re taxes that the federal government’s not allowed to levy.

All of that’s beside the point.  The American people never supported it.  But even today that doesn’t matter.  So it’s an extremely teachable moment.  And now the law will end up back at the Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the subsidies that the Regime is passing out that probably are illegal.  But that won’t be known until the court actually rules on this.  Let me grab a call about this.  We’ve got Pete in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Hey, Pete.  I’m glad you called, and welcome to the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi.  My quick question for you is why do you think that this professor would say about this bill right now, why do you think that he would say he couldn’t be transparent and they had to be misleading about the bill now, after Republicans have taken majority in Congress and the House?

RUSH:  Well, he said it a year ago.

CALLER:  Oh, I’m sorry.

RUSH:  He said it a year ago and the reason he said it was arrogance.  He’s speaking to some like-minded economists at a conference of economists, the 24th Annual Health Economics Conference.  So he was speaking to some like-minded people.  This is on YouTube, by the way, one of these uncovered videos.  The news media didn’t cover this.  The Drive-By Media didn’t get this.  This is a YouTube video from within the conference.  This hasn’t made the mainstream media, folks.

originalHe thought he was speaking to some like-minded people who were as smart as he and held the same basic opinion, low opinion of the American people, and he was relating to them.  He was giving them the inside scoop.  This is not a faux pas.  He wasn’t misspeaking.  You have to understand the arrogance these people walk around with and the conceit that they have.  And, by the way, a year ago, the Supreme Court’s ruled, this guy thinks it’s home free now. It doesn’t matter what we say, they can’t stop it, they can’t do anything about it now.  He wasn’t thinking about it being an election — and in fact it wasn’t a factor in the election.  We hear about this after.

So it’s just arrogance and conceit, and the fact that he thought he was in a room with a bunch of like-minded people, that he could be open and honest about what they had to do.  And, by the way, I’m gonna add to it.  I’m sure that he thought he was being very brilliant.  I mean, he was sharing with his audience what has to be done to make progressive things happen in this country.  You’ve got to lie to the American people.  “We can’t count on their intelligence to understand us.  We cannot rely, because they do not have enough intelligence to keep up with us and to know how much wonderful that we have planned for them, so we have to lie to them.”

The real thing that offends them is that they even have to subject themselves to elections or their ideas even get put up to a vote.  Obama has presided over two devastating defeats for the Democrat Party.


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(Reprinted under Fair Use Act)

We gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Americans died. Where is the outrage?

Where Is the Outrage?

By Arnold Ahlert  Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Sunday, the New York Post ran an excerpt from “The Unarmed Truth” by John Dodson. Dodson is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent who blew the whistle on the gun-walking operation known as Fast and Furious.

According to the Mexican government, 211 of their citizens, including police officers and children, have been murdered with weapons from that scandalous operation. So was American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose family, along with every other concerned American, has been stonewalled in their efforts to find out who is accountable for this atrocity. After recounting some truly unbelievable instances of bureaucratic arrogance and ineptitude, Dodson inadvertently poses a question with far larger implications. “We gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Americans died. Where is the outrage?” he asks.

Perhaps fittingly, “The Boomer Bust,” a column by P.J O’Rourke published the same day in the Wall Street Journal, inadvertently provides a substantial portion of the answer. “We are the generation that changed everything,” O’Rourke writes. “Of all the eras and epochs of Americans, ours is the one that made the biggest impression—on ourselves. That’s an important accomplishment, because we’re the generation that created the self, made the firmament of the self, divided the light of the self from the darkness of the self, and said, ‘Let there be self.’ If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you may have noticed this yourself.”

Self-Absorbed Nation

With some notable exceptions, including a very large one for veterans of the Vietnam War, no previous generation of Americans was as self-absorbed as my own generation of Boomers. Note the word “previous.” Unfortunately, we have done a rather remarkable job of cultivating that noxious trait among subsequent generations. As a result, an American ethos has emerged, one in which the most truthful answer to Dodson’s question would embarrass those previous generations.

Where is the outrage? For millions of Americans, there is no outrage whatsoever—unless something personally affects them.

For far too many Americans, the numerous scandals engendered by this administration, including Fast and Furious, the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, the monitoring of news reporters by the DOJ, the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, the NSA abuses, and the general trampling of the Constitution by a president who unilaterally re-writes laws whenever he sees fit, have generated little more than a collective yawn. And that’s when those same Americans are even aware of what’s going on in the first place. Perhaps the greatest paradox of the modern age is how well-connected Americans are to information-gathering devices, even as they remain completely uncurious about vast swaths of critically important information.

The filtering mechanism that separates the relevant from the irrelevant is transparently obvious: if it’s not about me, who cares?

Facebook: A Testament to “Me”

Perhaps the most searing example of this phenomenon is Facebook. It is, above all else, a testament to “me” in all my glory. In all of American history, there is no comparable example of a time when so many people dedicated so much energy to chronicling the mundane and the trivial at best, and the truly twisted, at worst. It is almost inconceivable how many people have posted self-indicting accounts of criminal behavior. Apparently boasting about one’s thuggery is viewed as a reasonable tradeoff for the possible incarceration that could occur when a jury sees a video starring you and your homies “knocking out” some unsuspecting grandmother, simply for the thrill of it.

Yet there is a bigger thrill. Several other websites glorify such thuggery including one,, that compiles “excerpts of hundreds of fights, from women being sucker-punched to brutal gang attacks,” writes Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist James E. Causey, who further reveals that those videos “often earn thousands of views and ‘likes’ and ‘recommendations’ on Facebook, which turn the perpetrators into overnight sensations.”

That’s as “all about “me as it gets.

Rush Limbaugh:  “low information voter”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh coined the increasingly popular term “low information voters” (LIVs). I believe the term is somewhat inaccurate. These Americans are not bereft of information. They are not cut off from television, radio, the internet, i-Phones, texting, tweeting or any other source of information exchange. In fact, most Americans, including the LIVs, are inundated by information. What they actually pay attention to is the great separator. We live in an age where the public school system promotes the maintenance of self-esteem over genuine achievement, and trains younger generations of Americans to feel, rather than to think. And now that everyone gets a trophy just for showing up, the distinction between banality and greatness no longer applies. Everyone is “special,” and there is little reason to dwell on anything that occurs outside one’s personal universe.

By accident or design, the Obama administration and their media lapdogs have been masters at exploiting this phenomenon. No sooner does one scandal arise than another takes its place, followed by another and another, seemingly ad infinitum. Keeping track requires genuine effort in an age where effort has given way to the cruise control of self-absorption. Those who remain genuinely outraged are either dismissed as over-wrought, or denigrated with a label such as “misogynist,” “homophobe,” “nativist,” or “teabagger,” with the understanding that, once labeled, no further thought is required.

Yet despite their good fortune, this administration pierced the collective fog of self-absorption with the ultimate over-reach known as ObamaCare. Or as the coordinated attempt to put the genie back in the bottle is rolled out, the scrapping of the name ObamaCare and the return to the term Affordable Care Act, lest our feckless president be permanently associated with his “signature achievement,” yet another appellation undoubtedly headed for the ash heap of history. In one of the more colossal outbursts of hubris, Obama and his fellow Democrats decided that millions of Americans getting their insurance policies cancelled would be as indifferent about that reality as they have been about every other scandal, and/or lie of omission or commission, foisted upon them by our Prevaricator-in-Chief.

No such luck. Few things are more personal than one’s health, and the notion that this administration has put millions of Americans’ access to healthcare in jeopardy—even as they were assured that nothing of the sort would happen—has engendered the kind of outrage that even our hopelessly corrupt media cannot tamp down.

Not that they aren’t trying. The trumpeting of the so-called historical deal with Iran that was nothing of the sort, along with the implementation of the “nuclear option” in the Senate, were the latest attempts to overwhelm Americans. Today the administration will attempt to put more lipstick on the pig known as, in the hopes that Americans will conflate the website with ObamaCare itself.

No doubt many will, until other realities intrude, such as the loss of one’s doctor, as networks tighten up to contain mandated costs, or the realization that “cheaper” insurance comes with hefty coinsurance requirements and deductibles that must be satisfied by the insured themselves. Then there is the ultimate time bomb that will explode next year when millions of additional Americans have their employer-based policies cancelled.

The ultimate nightmare for this administration? A sense of outrage that breaks through the containment barrier of healthcare. The possibility that Americans eventually discover that this scandal is not anomalous, but part of a larger pattern. A pattern where even most self-absorbed Americans may be prodded to ask themselves disquieting questions, leading to evermore disquieting questions. “There is no escape from happiness, attention, affection, freedom, irresponsibility, money, peace, opportunity and finding out that everything you were ever told is wrong,” writes O’Rourke, in reference to the Baby Boom generation.

With any luck, O’Rourke is vastly underestimating the size of his audience.

Copyright 2013 The Patriot PostAuthor

Arnold Ahlert  Bio

Arnold Ahlert Most recent columnsArnold was an op-ed columist with the NY Post for eight years, currently writing for and Arnold can be reached at:

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THE BLAZE by BECKET ADAMS (MY TWO SENSE: Ted Cruz may be our only gladiator. His voice is the loudest and strongest and I’m wondering where Rand Paul is on this immigration bill. We are in the middle of quick sand, going down, and now that the DC 70 have committed themselves to freedom fighting, in America, we should begin hearing their voices as well. If they don’t continue to stand, all will have been for nothing. We must tell them over and over again how much we support their stand and encourage louder voices. JM)

‘Americans Are Fed Up’: Ted Cruz Rips Republicans and Democrats Over ‘Disaster’ Immigration Bill

For the first time in his political career, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday to discuss the immigration reform bill currently being debated in the U.S. Senate.

Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Ted Cruz Discuss Gang of Eights Immigration Reform Bill

“Sir, you’re the real deal.  You’re fearless. You’re a freshman. You’re acting like you’ve been there three terms,” Limbaugh said.

“As you know, a lot of Americans are fed up. They’re fed up with Democrats and they’re fed up with Republicans. They’re fed up with politicians in Washington who don’t stand for anything,” the Texas senator responded.

“And it’s how we’ve gotten in this mess. It’s how we’ve gotten $17 trillion in debt, and if we keep doing business as usual, it’s how we’re gonna pass yet another amnesty bill that doesn’t fix the problem. And I think Americans are really fed up with that and we need to stand up and stop it,” Sen. Cruz added.

The radio host then asked Sen. Cruz to explain to the audience why certain politicians and pundits are referring to the immigration reform bill as “amnesty.”

“This Gang of Eight bill is a disaster,” Sen. Cruz explained. “What the Gang of Eight bill does is it grants legalization now. It takes everyone who’s here illegally and says, ‘You’re legal,’ and then just like in 1986 it promises, ‘sometime in the future, trust us, wink-wink, we’ll secure the border.’”

“I don’t think the American people are that foolish. You know, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If this bill is enacted, it will make the problem worse. If this bill is enacted, in another decade or two we’re going be back here not with 11 million, but with 20 million or 30 million people here illegally.

“This is a broken system.  I think what Americans want is fix the problem, stop playing political games, actually secure the border and make a legal immigration system that works,” he added.

The two continued, discussing everything from the possible impact the bill may have on the national deficit, to the so-called Washington “consultant class” and its support for the bill, to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s curious wish to see the bill passed before July 4th.

You can hear it all here:

Follow Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) on Twitter

(H/T: Daily Rushbo). Featured image AP photo.

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‘No Trust’: How Does the IRS ‘Inquisition’ Impact ObamaCare?

Stuart Varney on the IRS Now Being Part of Health Care, ObamaCare

Two girls pose for a picture with a cardboard cut-out of US President Barack Obama in a tent defending ‘Obamacare’ at a street fair in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 3, 2012. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

As the “IRS Inquisition” scandal unfolds, some are pointing out that the government agency is on the verge of not only having purview over your finances, but your health care as well.

Rush Limbaugh has theorized that this is one of the the reasons the administration and traditionally left-leaning members of the media have denounced the scandal so strongly.  The IRS must be seen to have made a mistake and been set right, so it can proceed at full strength for the implementation of “Obamacare.”

Stuart Varney appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss just how much the IRS will have control over with the complete implementation of the president’s health care overhaul.

“The IRS will be the policing agent for Obamacare,” Varney said.  “You’re going to have to, on your next tax return, you’re going to have to report to the IRS personal health care information…Do you trust the IRS with your personal health care information?”

Host Martha MacCullum continued: “It’s such a dangerous and slippery slope when [their] credibility is brought into question, because they of course know what you make…And now they are supposed to marry that information…with whether you are eligible for a healthcare subsidy.  And that raises questions, too, because you’ve got to keep them posted on every change that may lap in our employment picture.”

Varney interjected to say that’s not even the full picture.

“Your doctor is going to put on file electronically your entire medical history,” he said.  “At the same time, on a parallel path, the IRS wants to know about your health insurance.  There is no wall between those two areas of information.  And bearing in mind what they have done politically there is no trust that they won’t jump that wall and go into your personal medical history….And that’s where the lack of trust comes in.”

MacCallum noted that, when the bill was being passed, we were repeatedly assured that privacy and having your records online wouldn’t be an issue.

“But people have been scanning documents for catch words, you wonder what they’re going to scan in terms of health care and health records. It’s a legitimate question given all of this,” she concluded.

Varney concluded his remarks by saying the way things are heading now, the scandal may delay the implementation of Obamacare.

ThinkProgress reacted to the segment barely an hour it was posted, frantic that the reputation of the IRS may be tarnished.

“In reality, there is no evidence that the impropriety in the IRS office responsible for granting tax-exempt status to social welfare groups has bled over into other parts of the agency,” they wrote both reassuringly and inaccurately.

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WND Exclusive

Rush Limbaugh offers to sit down with Obama

‘If it were not for me, the news media would be able to protect him’

Published: 3 hours ago

Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND. He is the author of two best-selling books: “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” and its 2012 sequel, “The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny.”
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Radio host Rush Limbaugh

PALM BEACH, Fla. – In the wake of news reports that President Obama is blaming Rush Limbaugh for the political gridlock in Washington, the radio powerhouse is now offering to sit down with the commander in chief to hold face-to-face discussions.

“In the spirit of doing whatever I can to move things forward in this country,” Limbaugh said Tuesday afternoon, “I would like to make myself available to the president of the United States to sit down and talk with him at a place of his choosing and discuss the problems facing the country, and maybe working together, since I am the opposition, since I am the obstacle, since I am the reason he can’t get things done.”

“I’ll be glad to sit down with him, any time, any place that he wants. Perhaps we can hash this out and come to a … mutual understanding or agreement of how to get things off the dime and to move things forward.”

On Monday, Obama reportedly met with top-name fundraisers including entertainer Justin Timberlake and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, as well as designer Tommy Hilfiger at the Greenwich Village home of producer Harvey Weinstein.

Obama complained about the lack of progress on his agenda, specifically blaming Limbaugh.

“My thinking was when we beat [Republicans] in 2012 that might break the fever, and it’s not quite broken yet,” Obama said, according to the White House pool report. “I genuinely believe there are Republicans out there who would like to work with us but they’re fearful of their base and they’re concerned about what Rush Limbaugh might say about them. And as a consequence we get the kind of gridlock that makes people cynical about government.”

Actress Jessica Biel and her husband, entertainer Justin Timberlake

“Let me translate this for you,” Limbaugh responded during his top-rated radio program.

“What the president of the United States is really saying is that Republican senators, Republican members of the House of Representatives do not vote the way he wants them to because they’re afraid that I will tell the truth about them. If it were not for me, the news media would be able to protect him.

“In fact, what the president is saying is that these elected Republicans actually do want to help him. They do want to vote with him. They do want to join him in his agenda. But they can’t, since I will actually report what they’re doing, they have to worry that their constituents will hear the truth from me and get mad at them. If I weren’t around, they could for vote for Obama and vote with Obama and the media would cover for them and there would not be any media criticism of them. This is what the president is saying. The president is telling his donors that there are plenty of Republicans that can’t wait to help him move his agenda forward if not for their fear of me.”

Limbaugh also noted, “This is the third olive branch that I have offered in this spirit of cooperation, assistance, and help.”

“You remember, ladies and gentlemen, I even extended an invitation to play golf with President Obama. The invitation was extended via Zev Chafets, the author of the book “An Army of One,” that book about me. Zev Chafets extended the invitation to Obama via David Axelrod. He called Axelrod, and he said, ‘Rush would love to play golf with President Obama and hash things out.’ Axelrod said to Zev Chafets, ‘No. He can go play with himself.’”

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‘Dark-skinned’ bombing suspect identified

Breakthrough from analysis of department-store video

Published: 2 hours ago

Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND. He is the author of two best-selling books: “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” and its 2012 sequel, “The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny.”
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Authorities probing the Boston Marathon bombings believe they have identified a suspect, but the U.S. Justice Department is denying earlier broadcast reports someone has been arrested.

The suspect, described as a “dark-skinned” male, was picked up on security camera footage from the Lord and Taylor department store along the marathon route, near the site of the second explosion.

It was reported the suspect could be seen on camera dropping a black bag.

The source also indicated video from a Boston television station contributed to the progress in the hunt for the party responsible for the April 15 explosions that left at least three dead and some 175 injured.

After initial reports saying the suspect was in custody, CNN reporter Fran Townsend said, “There’s not somebody in custody or arrested. The situation is very fluid. They’re working to positively identify this individual … There has been a misunderstanding … as law enforcement tries to work through this.”

Justice Department officials told CNN’s Joe Johns there was indeed no one in custody Wednesday afternoon.

CBS correspondent Bob Orr said authorities have video of a man in a black jacket on a cell phone, wearing a gray hoodie and a white baseball cap backwards placing a black bag at the second bomb site outside of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street and then leaving the area before that explosion.

Orr said the man was on the phone at the second bomb site when the first bomb exploded.

Orr said the FBI looked at the time the man was on his cell phone and then went back and scanned all the calls made in the area to track who they wanted to talk to.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh scorched CNN for withholding details about the suspect, as the network noted the details were sensitive.

“If they had news that the perpetrator here was white, we would have had height, weight, clothes, facial hair,” Limbaugh said. “We would know everything. We would know what radio show the guy listens to, what TV network he watches, what publications he reads. We would know everything there is if the guy was white.”

A news conference has been scheduled for 5 p.m. Eastern to provide more information.

Previously, investigators had discovered a lid to a pressure cooker police said they think was used to construct the bombs.

The FBI has been seeking leads into who may have been responsible for the attack, even pleading with the public for help after admitting they had no suspects Tuesday.

“The person who did this is someone’s friend, neighbor or relative,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers said at a news conference.

“Someone knows who did this. The cooperation of the community will play a crucial role in the investigation,” he said.

“We are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of April 15 in any way that indicated he or she may target the event,” DesLauriers said.

On Tuesday, left-leaning columnist David Sirota penned an opinion piece on titled, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” in which he states:

“If recent history is any guide, if the bomber ends up being a white anti-government extremist, white privilege will likely mean the attack is portrayed as just an isolated incident – one that has no bearing on any larger policy debates. Put another way, white privilege will work to not only insulate whites from collective blame, but also to insulate the political debate from any fallout from the attack.

“It will probably be much different if the bomber ends up being a Muslim and/or a foreigner from the developing world. As we know from our own history, when those kind of individuals break laws in such a high-profile way, America often cites them as both proof that entire demographic groups must be targeted, and that therefore a more systemic response is warranted. At that point, it’s easy to imagine conservatives citing Boston as a reason to block immigration reform defense spending cuts and the Afghan War withdrawal and to further expand surveillance and other encroachments on civil liberties.”

Limbaugh responded to Sirota’s commentary, noting, “The left does not want this bomber to be a minority or al-Qaida or a Muslim or terrorist. The left wants the bomber to be white and conservative. And if they know the bomber is not white, will they shut up and not tell the FBI? Is it that bad?”

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Obama at ‘max damage potential’ right now

‘He’s got 2 years here to double down, triple down’


Published: 1 hour ago


author-image by Joe Kovacs Email | Archive



Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND. He is the author of two best-selling books: “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” and its 2012 sequel, “The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny.”



PALM BEACH, Fla. – Barack Obama is in a perfect position right now to do “maximum damage” to the U.S. economy, according to radio giant Rush Limbaugh, who believes the president has no intention of improving the financial state of the nation.


“He’s at maximum damage potential right now, max damage. He can inflict the greatest damage possible for the purpose of transforming the country from capitalism to Western European socialism,” Limbaugh said Monday afternoon.“He’s got two years here to double down, triple down, max out on it – and that’s if he cares about the 2014 midterms. But if you listen to Democrats talk, they don’t care about that.”

Limbaugh was commenting on Obama’s push for tax increases as Republicans continue to negotiate with the Obama administration on how to prevent plunging off the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

In 2010, Obama said taxes should not be raised, fearing it would harm the economy.

“That’s because he still had another election to worry about. Now he doesn’t for at least two years,” Limbaugh said.

The topic was discussed as the Associated Press reported that hovering in the background of the “fiscal cliff” debate is the prospect of 2 million people losing their unemployment benefits four days after Christmas.

“This is the real cliff,” said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I. “Many of these people are struggling to pay mortgages, to provide education for their children.”

Limbaugh says neither political party wants to be blames for the loss of jobless benefits during the holiday season, so he expects them to be extended without a fight.

“The real irony is, unemployment benefits are ending because unemployment rates are falling. It’s the way the law was written,” said Limbaugh. “States with jobless rates below 9 percent are losing their extended benefits. It was originally written, and this made perfect sense, that the unemployment compensation extensions would end as the employment situation improved. Well, statistically, the unemployment situation is improving. The unemployment rate nationally, 7.7 percent, down from 8.3, down from 8.2, down from 8.1, down from 7.9.”

But while on paper it may seem the employment picture is showing improvement, Limbaugh noted, “you and I both know that the job situation is really not improving, but reality doesn’t matter. Perception is what matters here. The perception is it’s getting better.”

The AP reported that “since the collapse of the economy in 2008, the government has poured $520 billion – an amount equal to about half its annual deficit in recent years – into unemployment benefit extensions.”

Limbaugh said no matter how much is spent on unemployment, it’s still never enough, and thus, the continuous push for extensions.

“And don’t forget this,” he concluded.

“From [Nancy] Pelosi to Chuck Schumer to Obama and to all the Democrats, unemployment benefits are now an economic stimulant. Every dollar of unemployment benefits generates $1.73 of economic growth, you see.

“And the people who voted for Obama believe that crock. But they believe it, and so we have arrived at the point where the recipient of unemployment benefits is told that he or she is helping to grow the economy! So we’ve even turned the morality aspect of this upside down. Now it is perfectly moral to extend unemployment benefits because those are growing the economy, without jobs. It’s magical! It’s a beautiful thing.”





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Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Des...

Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


‘Liberals, Obama is laughing his a– off at you’

Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle recaps boldest statements made on air

Published: 3 hours ago

author-image by Kathy ShaidleEmail | Archive

Kathy Shaidle is a blogging pioneer whose is now in its 12th year. Her most recent book – “The Tyranny of Nice: How Canada Crushes Freedom in the Name of Human Rights, and Why It Matters to Americans” – features an introduction by Rush Limbaugh guest host Mark Steyn.More ↓
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Sean Hannity

Hannity took the media to task for spreading Obama’s misinformation about the Libyan embassy attack (FREE audio).

“I’m going to tell you something,” Hannity said on his radio show. “All you liberals out there, all you people in the media, I’m telling you, Obama in private is just laughing his a– off at all of you because you are so dumb, so gullible, so easily manipulated. And all he has to do is tell you that there is a doughnut in the sky and you’ll report there’s a doughnut in the sky.”

Rush Limbaugh

This week, Rush boldly proclaimed, “Barack Obama is a serial liar, and I think it’s time to call him out on this” (FREE audio).

That was in response to the overwhelming evidence that the administration has been lying about the true cause of the attack on the American embassy in Libya.

On a lighter note, Limbaugh mocked Madonna’s “outstanding, uplifting endorsement of Obama” – who she referred to as “a black Muslim in the White House” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Savage bashed CNN’s Piers Morgan for cozying up to Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad on his show this week (FREE audio).

“Piers Morgan asked Ahmadinejad how many times he’s been in love,” an incredulous Savage told his listeners. “He didn’t ask him why he makes genocidal statements or why he wants to kill Jews. I’d say, ‘Shame on you,’ but it’s the stockholders of CNN who should really be ashamed.”

Savage also blasted First Lady Michelle Obama for talking about slavery and Jim Crow laws during an address to the Congressional Black Caucus, “stirring up racial division and distrust in a way I have never seen” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Should any doubts remain about the president’s true agenda and beliefs, this week Klein played a newly discovered audiotape in which the young Barack Obama declares himself in favor of “wealth distribution.”

Klein also exchanged words with a British Muslim radical who is clinging to the myth that his co-religionists around the globe are rioting in response to a low-budget video on YouTube. Along with the latest news from North Africa and the Middle East, Klein served up an exclusive interview with Ed Koch, asking the former mayor of NYC if he still planned to support Obama’s reelection in light of the president’s tepid support for the state of Israel (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

To call Mark Levin unimpressed by Obama and Clinton’s “apology crap” would be an understatement. Instead of getting serious about national security, says Levin, the president and his predecessor are all over the media, apologizing to Muslim fanatics instead of defending cherished American rights and freedoms (FREE audio).

The first lady didn’t escape Levin’s wrath, either. He castigated her draconian school lunch programs – and praised the students who were speaking out against what is amounting to a starvation diet (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

The ever-controversial Ann Coulter joined Laura Ingraham to talk about her new book “Mugged,” which looks at the history of race relations in America from the 1960s up to today. Coulter explained that contrary to popular belief, the Democrats, not the Republicans, have been the ones supporting slavery and Jim Crow laws.

She also spoke with George Buckley Sr., whose son, Lance Corporal George Buckley Jr., was killed by a police trainee in Afghanistan. Buckley said the U.S. government lied about the circumstances of this son’s murder, and he wants answers. However, it seems Obama was too busy partying with celebrities to meet Buckley when he had the chance (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Who is really waging a “war on women”? Republicans or Democrats? Glenn Beck’s answer may not surprise you: He criticized Obama’s (female) deputy chief campaign manager for implying that most American women don’t know or care much about political issues (FREE audio).

Beck countered that women “are the ones who are most often in the trenches and have felt the pain of the last four years probably more than anyone. They are the ones that are shuffling the kids to and from practice, getting them to daycare … taking them to a friend’s house or going to the doctor’s office with them.”


Of course Obama is laughing at Liberals, and he’s screwing the rest of us!

To the person(s) owning up to the brown shirt commentary below: Please tell me how anyone can confuse three, et al, conservatives with the Hitler Left?  Is no one getting educated in this country any longer?  What do you people do–simply repeat what you’ve heard on TV or what another Progressive has said?  To the know-nots: Hitler was more Progressive and a fanatical Leftie.  More than that, he was an insane, tyrannical murderer, and the brown shirts did his insane bidding!  Conservatives are on the Right, and when they become fanatical, they are Anarchists–not dictators!  Get educated, for cryin’ out loud!!  At least stop spewing falsehoods.  You think you’re right, so that tells me you have, at least, an interest in being right–so verify what you put out there or look like a moron again!

O’Reilly | Hannity | Limbaugh [aka brownshirts]

Just Me

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